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Through Africa for Africa

March 17, 2011


The Through Africa for Africa website.

Cape Town, South Africa
. – It is a journey with a charitable difference. Two men, two bikes, eight countries and about 10 000km all add up to create the perfect recipe for an adventure with a conscience.

Ricki Hodgson and Davey Du Plessis embarked in March on their journey to cycle the Eastern half of Africa from Egypt to South Africa. It began in Egypt and moved through countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique before they will head back home to South Africa in July.

The aim of the campaign is to portray Africa and its people in their truest form and by way of sponsorships and donations help to make a tangible difference in the lives of the people they meet along the way.

For Habitat for Humanity South Africa (selected as one of two charities involved) this represents an opportunity to not only feature the wonderful work that Habitat for Humanity International does in the various countries. The funds raised through the trip and donated to Habitat for Humanity South Africa will be used to finance a build or number of builds during the campaign itself.

“As we cycle, we hope to show the public the great work that Habitat for Humanity is doing throughout the continent in the various countries we visit along the way. We also hope that our efforts will help raise enough money to finance the building of a house (or houses) for those in need,” says Ricki.

The team of two documented their adventures and experiences throughout the journey in order to make sure that their fans and supporters share as much of the journey with them as possible.

Regular postings of their trip together with pictures, video footage, still shots and blog entries of the countries and the people they meet along the way was made on their website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites.

“It is imperative that we keep the viewing public informed of exactly how the people of Africa are faring, what we live through on a daily basis, and the good work being done by Habitat for Humanity,” says Ricki.

Followers of the adventure were encouraged to help in any way – whether it is through a donation or by spreading the word. “No better reward could come from this adventure than being able to facilitate the building of a home for a family in need,” says Ricki.