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Corporate Partnerships

Habitat for Humanity invites private companies and corporations to join its global mission of eliminating poverty housing. A growing number of Habitat’s corporate partners build with the organization or invest resources into creating simple, decent and affordable homes where they are sorely needed.

Partnering with Habitat gives corporations a laudable and visible social responsibility project. It is a chance to show that the company stands more than for profit–an opportunity to give back to the community it works in and see tangible sustainable results. Habitat offers partners prominent public exposure and other benefits as well as successful team building with a positive impact on the company’s morale. View existing partners.

Why Habitat

It is a leading global housing organization working in more than 90 countries. It has built more than 350,000 homes and helped more than 1.75 million people with decent, affordable housing.

Habitat is working on energy efficiency and green housing projects.
It has considerable experience in engaging the bottom of the pyramid demographics.
It annually mobilizes more than 600 volunteer teams on build sites worldwide.

Ways to support Habitat
Financial contribution
Product donations
Corporate volunteering