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Corporate Partners: Ways to support Habitat

ROTHE, LESOTHO – Nthoto Molefi (7) has two brothers. Her parents are unable to care for her and she has been living in a Habitat Home since June 2009. What she likes about her new home is that it is big enough for the whole family of six. Nthoto would like to become a nurse when she grows up.

Gifts in Kind

Product Donations
Product donations are a great way to support Habitat in line with your business and an amazing opportunity to use your products for a practical and socially responsible activity. It is also a good way to introduce your products to a new potential market group in an area of planned business expansion.

Product donations can range from insulation material to innovative design consultancy, pro bono media coverage to corporate advocacy. We accept all products that will benefit the families in their new home such as building materials, tools, and safety equipment.

Other types of product donation:

• Innovative design consultancy

• Financial education training for families

• Pro-bono media coverage

• Appliances

• Corporate advocacy

Gifts from Habitat’s corporate partners have included everything from paint for the exterior of the home, appliances for the interior of the home, and financial education training for the future of the new homeowners. Keep in mind that Habitat cannot secure transportation of donated products. There are many other ways a corporate partner can support Habitat.

Financial contribution
Your donation will enable Habitat to continue providing affordable and decent shelter to thousands of families across the world.
What you can support
Homebuilding and renovations: Habitat builds and renovates simple, decent and affordable homes with the help of volunteer labor and donations of money and materials.
Water and sanitation: Habitat provides clean drinking water to some of the most rural communities.
Orphans and Vulnerable groups: We have specific projects designed for at-risk groups such as orphans and vulnerable children, single mothers, and the disabled.

Partners’ donations can be designated to a single project that may be strategically in line with their corporate activity; alternatively, they can be spread to encompass an array of different initiatives that can highlight the corporation’s diverse geographic locations and interests. However a corporation chooses to become involved, Habitat always remains conscious of its partner’s invaluable global image and strategic investment.

Habitat’s experienced corporate partnerships team will provide detailed reporting on the activity that your donation has helped fund and each partnership will be given the attention of a partnership manager.

Corporate Volunteering
Volunteering with Habitat will not only raise your company profile within the local community, but it will also help build relationships within teams and boost company morale.

Your employees will have an opportunity to interact with one another in a non-work setting, meeting colleagues from across Europe in a way that stimulates communication and company team building. This in turn will have a beneficial effect on productivity as employees return to work feeling motivated and inspired.

Volunteer trips are tailor-made to suit your corporation’s goals. They usually last from one to two weeks, during which time your team works on a build site under professional supervision, alongside the families.

Volunteer trips are also available for individuals and families looking for an alternative form of traveling. If you are interested in non- corporate volunteer trips, learn more about how they work, where you can go, and how to apply.

For more information on how your corporation can become involved, contact:

Corporate Partnership Coordinator
Tsitsi Mkombe
Tel: +27.12.430.9226
Fax: +27.12.342.0765