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The added value of tithing

The goal of Habitat for Humanity is to eliminate poverty housing worldwide. The tithe program was created to give affiliates a way to impact Habitat´s global ministry in addition to impacting the need in their local communities. Tithing gives affiliates an opportunity to share their resources with developing countries throughout the world, and to have both a global and a local homebuilding program. By supporting Habitat´s work outside of the U. S., your affiliate or campus chapter can make it possible to achieve a world where someday, everyone will have a good place to call home.

Tsitsi Mkombe, Corporate Partnerships Coordinator, and Stephanie Sluka Brauer, Resource Development Manager, (far left and far right) at the National Affiliate Conference in Atlanta where they connected with tithers from all over the US.

This is what you can do

Establish a tithe partnership with countries in Africa & the Middle East. The tithe program can be an exciting addition to your local homebuilding program. Use your tithe as a way to promote the impact your affiliate is having on substandard housing globally. 100% of tithe gifts are sent to the country your affiliate designates to.

For almost all countries in Africa & the Middle East, raising money locally is very difficult or impossible therefore tithe is often the major contributor to overall funds raised for their programs. Your tithe can help us maintain and grow our programs and serve more needy families on the other side of the world.

For more information, please contact:

To send your tithe, please mail your checks to:
Habitat for Humanity International
121 Habitat Street
Americus, GA 31709-3498

Do not forget to include “TITHE” and country name in the memo section of the check!

Come build with your affiliate or campus chapter team

We have long experience of hosting teams from all over the world and we would love to host your affiliate team! Come build in Africa & the Middle East and experience the diversity of the region and its people. For more information, please check the Global Village section on the web or contact Monique Joubert at