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Habitat for Humanity Africa/Middle East -- Contact Information

Habitat for Humanity International Africa/Middle East
Box 11179
Pretoria 0028, South Africa
Tel: +27.12.430.9200
Fax: +27.12.342.0765


Global Village Program/Church Relations
Monique Joubert
AME – Resource Development Coordinator

Jeanette Clark
AME – Communications Coordinator


Reporting Complaints of Wrongdoing

MySafeWorkplace is a third-party hotline service that is made available to employees, contractors, volunteers and members of the public to submit confidential and anonymous complaints and concerns about Habitat. The purpose is to promote a strong ethical culture at Habitat, to adhere to regulatory compliance and to support the Christian Mission of the Ministry. MySafeWorkplace allows employees to give suggestions and ask questions. This would include questions, if any, regarding accounting, internal controls and auditing matters.

MySafeWorkplace is a 24-hour, confidential service that is being made available to Habitat for Humanity employees, contractors, volunteers and members of the public to report concerns or complaints. Reports can be made via the internet or telephone and can be completely anonymous.

To report a concern or for more information, please click here or if you are within the United States, you can call toll free at 800-461-9330. If you are outside the United States, please call MySafeWorkplace collect at 1-720-514-4400.

Reporting complaints of wrongdoing

تقديم شكاوى بوقوع مخالفات

Cómo formular quejas de conductas inapropiadas/fraude

Le rapport des plaintes suscitées par les méfaits

Составление жалоб и донесений о правонарушениях