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A home that withstands the elements

Mr. Guwam Leklam (pictured) tells his own story of how he was helped by Habitat for Humanity Nigeria:

Mr. Guwam Leklam and his family used to suffer when it rained on their mud and wattle house in the background

Mr. Guwam Leklam celebrates at the dedication of his new house

“The Habitat for Humanity project is indeed a helpful program for the poor and needy who are willing to help themselves. If not for this program, I would not have this beautiful house. I am really proud to be a partaker of this.

“In fact, I believe that I am just lucky because there are so many people in this community in need of a decent house. I attended the training organized by Habitat for Humanity Nigeria like every other person in our community and when it was time for the local committee to choose a homeowner, they chose me.

“This house means that I will not be worried whenever it is about to rain, unlike in my former house, where the thatched roof leaked and rainwater came in through the cracks in the mud walls. Many times during the raining season, the walls totally collapsed and I quickly had to build another house, so that my wives and children wouldn’t suffer in the cold.

“This house also means that I can stand up tall. My former hut was too low for me to be able to stand upright and I had to bend down so that my head would not hit the roof. I have already advised my friends to apply for a Habitat for Humanity house, so that they can be secure like me.”