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Room to grow


Mitemitemi is a widow. She and her four children have been living in this two-room house for several years.



Mitemitemi can now look forward to occupying her new, spacious Habitat house, while her son, his wife and their baby move into the old home.

Mitemitemi’s husband died in 1999. Although she works in the informal sector of petty trading, Mitemitemi relied on her husband’s work as a mine surveyor to supply the bulk of the families needs for their four children. Her eldest son is married, but continues to live at home as is often the case for young couples here. All six of this extended family lived in a two room house while they are constructing a three room house sponsored by Habitat.

Realizing their vulnerability, Habitat Lesotho and SOS Children’s Village have worked in partnership to provide decent housing for this family, and education for the children. The new home will be located on the same plot as the former house. The old home will provide housing for the married son since it has been owned by this family for 11 years and has beautiful views of the Maloti Mountains in the front and “Lion’s Head” in the rear.

Although Mitemitemi has no formal job, she breeds pigs to generate income for her family. The elder son has formal training in mine surveying like his father, but work is hard to obtain for young men. Habitat is proud to partner with low-income families like Mitemitemi’s who are in need, yet willing to contribute labor and material toward construction of their homes. Through partnerships with self-reliant families and other agencies, Habitat Lesotho seeks to eliminate poverty housing, and in particular, to provide vulnerable children with safe and adequate homes.