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Joseph’s story


Joseph’s one-room house was not big enough for his family of nine, so he had to rent rooms for them.

Joseph Mwale used to live in a very small house with only one room. It was not big enough for himself, his wife, their three children and Joseph’s four younger brothers. To provide shelter for his family, Joseph was forced to rent two rooms far away from his home.

Today, Joseph is a Habitat homeowner and lives close to his brothers. Joseph’s Habitat house costs much less than what he was spending renting three separate places for his family.

Joseph has lived in his house in Ibenga since 2000.
He earns money by working at the community school and his wife also earns a small income. He is very positive that he will be able to repay his mortgage quickly and is looking forward to having a place that belongs to them.

Building the house was “the best thing that has happened to him and his family.” He believes that Habitat for Humanity encouraged more people to become homeowners and brought unity and cooperation among people in Ibenga.