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Perseverance pays off

Roydah Daka is a homeowner with the Kawama affiliate in Ndola. She is 60 years old and has seven children. She also looks after four grandchildren who are all orphans.

In May 2006, Roydah acquired a Habitat for Humanity house after a long wait. She had first heard about Habitat for Humanity Zambia in 1996 and immediately joined the Kawama affiliate. After joining, Roydah went through education seminars and, after attending all of them, she started participating in the sweat-equity process.


The GV team that helped build Roydah’s house

Roydah waited for her chance to build a Habitat house from 1999 to 2006. During this period, she never gave up hope. She continued learning more about Habitat for Humanity Zambia and participating in the Kawama affiliate’s sweat-equity program. Finally, in May 2006, Roydah was selected as a homeowner and her Habitat house was built by a Global Village team from the United States.

For Roydah, it was not only special that her house was built by a Global Village team, but that her house was among the first three houses that were built on land that was donated to Habitat for Humanity Zambia by the local council.

Before she moved into her Habitat house, Roydah was renting a small house where she had lived for almost 30 years. According to Roydah, the rented house was not secure. Her landlord was very unpredictable, increasing her rent every other month. This caused difficulties for Roydah who had to look after her large family.

Asked what good the Habitat house has brought her, Roydah responded by saying she was happy to know that she would eventually own the house after finishing her mortgage payments. Roydah grows maize which she later sells to make money for her house payments and to take care of her family. Roydah is ahead by one month in her repayments and intends on remaining faithful to pay on time. She is happy because even if she died, she says, she would give the Habitat house to her children and grandchildren.

Roydah could not contain her excitement: “I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have a Habitat house,” she said. She encouraged those who are still waiting for a Habitat house to continue forging ahead because perseverance pays off — it paid off for her.