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A dream come true

Mr. Selotlego Rebaeng, a night watchman, could not believe his luck when he was selected as the homeowner to host a house dedication. Former Botswana president Sir Ketumile J. Masire and 200 other guests would be in his yard!

Before Mr. Rebaeng applied for an HFH house in Letlhakane, his home consisted of three round mud structures with thatched roofs. They were very old and likely to collapse as soon as the next rainy season began. He could never have imagined that such a day would come—when he would be wearing his suit under the media spotlight. The community had even raised money to purchase a cow as a sacrifice in thanksgiving for the special event.

Mr. Rebaeng beamed as he expressed sentiments about his new home, which was decked in colorful balloons for the event. “All those years when I was a young man,” he said, “I didn’t have the chance to own a house, and now—at my age—Habitat for Humanity has made my dream come true.”

The former president added his own thoughts: “To me, these awards are not only about the remarkable achievements of the recipients…they are the embodiment of leadership by example and the spirit of self-reliance, on which the successes and achievements of this country are anchored.”