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A place to study and learn


Guy used to live with his family in this house. Small windows let in little light, making it difficult for Guy to study.



Having a decent house has increased Guy’s hope for the future and his education.


Fourteen-year-old Guy lived in a thatched house in Lihou Kembe. When asked about his family’s new Habitat for Humanity home, he replied:

“With our old house, I had to carry thatch every year to repair the roof, and I really hated it. The house had very small windows because of the lack of wood. There was no living room, so I could not study in the house. With the new house, I have my own bedroom with a window, so I can study there. I can also study in the sitting room because my parents have now bought a table and chairs, and my education has improved. I hope to go to secondary and high school and become an architect to build better houses in the cities and even abroad. I know now how important a good house is for children. I am proud of my parents, and no child can mock me because my father is the only one in the village to have such a bad house.”

The HFHC program changed Guy’s perspective. Owning a decent house has increased his hope for the future. By providing an environment conducive to studying, Guy is now able to pursue his dream. He values his education as a way of improving his social status.