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Nadia’s new pride


Nadia, in the middle, smiling, in front of her new home.


The family’s old house. In the back, the new house.

Harinjaka and Lydia live in the urban city of Moramanga with their four children: Nadia (10), Nivo (7), Sarobidy (4) and Fanaja (1). In a small slum area full of marsh and sandy soil, they own their small plot where they built a one-room house with wooden walls and iron sheet roof.

The roof is very old and, along with the walls, has several large holes. Each time it rains the floor is flooded. Moreover, this environment is favorable to mosquitoes and malaria.

Harinjaka earns a daily income of 4,000 ariary (US$2.40), pulling a rickshaw and Lydia does not work. With their small savings, they started pig-farming in the yard close to their house.

Nadia and Nivo walk an hour to school. Their parents pay 5,200 ariary (US$3.15) per month for the school fees. This is the only fixed fee they pay per month, as they do not rent the house and do not have electricity nor running water.

Knowing of Habitat For Humanity from their neighborhood, they applied for a house. They now own a brand new, one-room home― built in the same plot beside the old one. Their new home is made of clay bricks and tiles and wooden windows and doors.

The major change they have noticed is how better it is to live in a dry place. Nadia also observes, “The neighbors changed. They looked at us in a very different way and it seemed they were jealous. But what is good, is that now they have built their own pretty house!”