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Homeowner Stories - Africa/Middle East


A dream come true
Mr. Selotlego Rebaeng, a night watchman, could not believe his luck when he was selected as the homeowner to host a house dedication.


A place to study and learn
Guy used to live with his family in this house. Small windows let in little light, making it difficult for Guy to study.

A clean home for Denis
Denis Nkoh lives in the village of Mughu, in the Northwest Province of Cameroon. He is a leprosy patient at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital.


A healthy, happy family
The Abdel Raheem family lived in a mud-brick home consisting of one room, no bathroom and a bare dirt floor. Mona Abdel Raheem explained that there were “no windows, no doors and no nothing.”

A different kind of sharing residence
There can be few homes more desperately needed than the building recently completed for the Habib family in Sakakria, Upper Egypt.


Reviving a community
Fadiyeh was born in the village of Ghor al Safi 68 years ago. Like all the villagers, her family lived in a goat-hair tent.


A home for a widow
Jane Wafula and her family outside their new Habitat house. The Bukusu from Western Kenya have a rich culture, which they have preserved up to the present time.


A symbol of peace in a post-war country
Four-year-old Reine Asaad’s father was killed during the fighting which ensued between Christians and Muslims in the villages of southern Lebanon in the early 1980s.


Room to grow
Mitemitemi is a widow. She and her four children have been living in this two-room house for several years.


Nadia’s new pride
Nadia, in the middle, smiling, in front of her new home. In a small slum area full of marsh and sandy soil, they own their small plot where they built a one-room house with wooden walls and iron sheet roof.


The gift of Grace
Grace and her children Matamando, 6 and Caleb, 1. Grace Kaunda, 28, has lived in the Habitat for Humanity Area 49 Low Cost Housing Project in Lilongwe since 2007. 


A tidy home for an orderly life
Assarta Raule Mondlane’s new house sits just beside her old one, on a well-swept dirt yard landscaped with rows of small rocks. Assarta, 31, is as meticulous with her new home as she is with the old, the one with the borrowed roof and the reed walls insulated with cardboard to block the wind.

The Tique Family
As we get out of the car to see one of the houses recently built by Habitat in Chimoio, we almost don’t see the lady lying on the reed mat on the ground. She is behind the house and is almost entirely hidden under a blanket.


A home that withstands the elements
Mr. Guwam Leklam tells his own story of how he was helped by Habitat for Humanity Nigeria.


A secure home for a quarter of the cost
My name is Elhadji Magatte Dieye. I am 46 and have a wife and three sons. My work in the chemical industry involves a lot of traveling, so I spend a lot of time away from my family.

Working together for a common goal
My name is Agnes Mideton and I am a trained administrative secretary. In the early 60s, around 1963 or 1964, I lived in a house in a suburb called Fann in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

South Africa

Octavia’s story
Octavia and her family were living with her mother in an overcrowded house with 10 people and she was desperate for a home of her own. She heard about Habitat for Humanity through a friend and was thrilled when her application was accepted in the Ethembeni project.


Joseph’s story
Joseph Mwale used to live in a very small house with only one room. It was not big enough for himself, his wife, their three children and Joseph’s four younger brothers.

Perseverance pays off
Roydah Daka is a homeowner with the Kawama affiliate in Ndola. She is 60 years old and has seven children. She also looks after four grandchildren who are all orphans.