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Movenpick Hotel partners with Habitat for Humanity Africa and the Middle East

March 1, 2008, marked the official launch of a partnership between Movenpick Hotel & Resorts’ Africa Division and Habitat for Humanity Africa and the Middle East. The launch took place in Dar es Salaam, where the exciting partnership will be piloted between Movenpick Royal Palm Hotel Dar es Salaam and Habitat for Humanity Tanzania (HFHT). Movenpick kicked off the partnership by presenting HFHT with a check for the first house partnership.


Guests at the launch of the Movernpick and Habitat for Humanity Tanzania partnership.



Gehan Moustafa handing check to Mama Mkapa who is a Patron of HFH Tanzania.

The partnership is a prime example of corporate social responsibility. As an advocate for community development and involvement, Daniel Roche, general manager of Movenpick Royal Palm Hotel, saw the need for improved housing in Tanzania as an opportunity to demonstrate a genuine, meaningful commitment to the country.

“We are inviting our guests to be a part of this initiative by donating a symbolic amount on checking out of the hotel as a gesture toward those who are less fortunate,” Roche said. “There can never be a better feeling than knowing you made a simple difference to affect one family or more. It makes me proud to be a part of realizing dreams.”

The partnership affords guests the opportunity to make a difference in a variety of ways. In addition to monetary donations, guests can purchase locally made items whose proceeds will go directly to HFHT. For guests who would like to be involved on a deeper level, opportunities will be available to participate in a Habitat build alongside community members and homeowners.

Regardless of how people choose to participate, the contributions will be invaluable, as they will be used to provide families with improved shelter, and improved access to clean water and sanitation facilities. In addition to the tangible, short-term changes, the contributions will ultimately help affect change in the long-term, as improved housing is linked to improvements in health, educational attainment and economic opportunities.

Jeremy Cross, the former national director of HFHT, expressed his gratitude toward the hotel and his enthusiasm toward the partnership. “Movenpick Royal Palm Hotel is demonstrating great corporate citizenship by helping to build Habitat for Humanity homes and raise awareness about the critical need for affordable, simple, decent housing in Tanzania,” Cross said. “Movenpick Royal Palm Hotel and Habitat for Humanity will provide not only shelter, but more importantly hope and a secure future, to some of the most vulnerable citizens, the children and their families.”

Following Movenpick’s initial contribution, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were the first guests to make a donation upon checking out of the hotel. The collaboration is off to a strong start, and has the potential to grow and include similar partnerships in other countries within the region.