Build-a-Thon 2011 stories

First-hand reports from event participants. 

It’s a wrap! Build-a-Thon 2011

MAY 15-21
New Castle County, Del.
Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County
 stepped up to the challenge to complete 25 homes for their 25th Anniversary. During the Build-A-Thon, AmeriCorps members assisted in six home rehabilitations in varying phases of construction.

Framing for the future
The final stretch of Build-A-Thon Delaware 2011 was in full swing on Thursday and Friday. Cleanup and demolition were complete on most sites and members began framing, flooring, and making repairs to the sites.

Philadelphia Eagles assist with falling walls and ReStore hauls
Volunteers met New Castle’s partner families and built along-side the Philadelphia Eagles.

Five renovations in one week
Julianna Calvin joins the ambitious plans to build five new townhomes in the Prices Run neighborhood.

MAY 8-14
Almost Heaven, W. Va.

AmeriCorps members assisted Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity in the construction of nine energy-efficient townhomes. They also helped complete Critical Home Repairs and A Brush with Kindness projects, conducted blower-door testing and prepared foundations for future Blitz Builds.

Friday the 13th meets power tools
Says blogger Lauren Arnold, “Unlucky date and some rain aside, it has been a great week!”

One word
AmeriCorps volunteers sum up their week. It was awe inspiring to see a community embrace the work and even pitch in and help.

West Virginia hospitality
“I wasn’t sure what to expect of my week in “Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.” To be honest, the “wild” part scared me. However, after twenty minutes, it was clear that our hosts were going out of their way to show us why they call West Virginia home.”

All about community
Joy Suh shares how ― in one way or another ― the Build-A-Thon days two and three were all about community.

The West Virginia Build-A-Thon begins
It was a beautiful, sunny and cool, West Virginia spring morning as 48 AmeriCorps Volunteers descended onto the Painter’s Point neighborhood of Franklin, in Pendleton County.

Bay Waveland, Area, Mississippi
The Habitat for Humanity Bay Waveland Area continues its efforts to revitalize a community where Hurricane Katrina destroyed or damaged more than 70 percent of housing in 2005. AmeriCorps members assisted in the construction of three new LEED certified homes, using some of the highest green building standards in the country.

May 9: Bay-Waveland
Katherine Graham, a first year AmeriCorps member with Habitat for Humanity Bay-Waveland shares her experience of the first day of her affiliate’s Build-A-Thon.

Birmingham, Ala.
Recent tornadoes haven’t deterred Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham or its Build-a-Thon efforts. The affiliate continues to build, rehabilitate and repair houses in Jefferson, Shelby and Walker counties while also assisting residents in cleanup. AmeriCorps members helped with A Brush with Kindness repair and weatherization projects in addition to clean-up and repairs on Habitat homes damaged by tornadoes on April 27.

Life goes on
“Today marks the last day of our time here in Birmingham. It has been an interesting week of ups and downs…”

Birmingham Build-a-Thon, Day 2
Today was the start of Revitalization Initiatives for the AmeriCorps groups in Birmingham.

Still blessed, one family begins rebuilding their lives
On Easter, Habitat homeowner Jenny Oliva reminded her four children how blessed their family was. Three days later, the family huddled in a hallway as a tornado crushed their home around them.

Repairing tornado-damaged homes in Birmingham
“Of all my life experiences, I don’t think I’ve ever come across anything that really prepared me for the devastation and destruction left in the wake of the recent tornadoes.”

Build-A-Thon Birmingham, Pre-Day 1
Michele Duley, an AmeriCorps volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake, blogs about Birmingham’s Build-A-Thon. As a veteran of two previous Build-A-Thons, she came into this one with a lot of preconceived notions of what a Build-A-Thon was supposed to look like.

Milwaukee, Wis.
Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity
 is a recipient of NSP2 funding. They have the goal of building 100 new construction homes and completing 30 A Brush with Kindness projects by 2013. During the Build-A-Thon, AmeriCorps members assisted in framing new homes and helping with A Brush with Kindness repairs.

Lee Rowley, Americorps member and house leader, blogs about Milwaukee’s Build-A-Thon, where a record-number of houses are being built in just one week.

Pensacola, Fla.
Kicking off the first week of builds, Pensacola Habitat for Humanity began work on three new Energy Star certified homes in the new subdivision, Camshire Meadows. The new area will be home to 114 Habitat families once completed.

Longtime Habitat supporter embraces AmeriCorps event
A special profile of blogger Callie Speakman.

“Wow” is the word for the Build-a-Thon in Pensacola. During the closing ceremony, everyone used it to describe the amount of work the AmeriCorps members did during the week.

Up to the rooftops
“By the end of the first build day, trusses were getting started on one of the houses. By the end of the second day, all three houses had decking on the roof and two had the felt on.”

Day one of the Pensacola, Fla. Build-a-Thon
Calli Speakman, volunteer coordinator at Pensacola Habitat for Humanity, writes about the opening ceremonies of the Build-a-Thon in Pensacola, Fla.