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One word

By Joy Suh


Cori Reed, Christina Simms and Jen Sharp helped to weatherize Habitat for Humanity homeowner Rose McFarlane’s home this week.


AmeriCorps members Eric Schneider, Emily Gosselin, Cori Reed, Justin Dunn, Christina Simms, Jen Sharp, Anisha Patel and Melissa Raley.


Thank you, AmeriCorp volunteers, for your service during Build-A-Thon!

“Family,” “detox,” “invigorating” and “majestic” were some of the words used by AmeriCorps volunteers when asked to describe the week in one word.

Jack Hogan from Greater Boston called the week “energizing.”

“It was getting back to the reason why I joined,” he said. What he enjoyed about the week was seeing the impact his work has made and meeting the homeowners.

Shawna Dory from HFH Mahoning County, Ohio, described the week as laid back and a “detox” from business and stress.

Siobhan Ryan from Harrisburg, Penn., said she enjoyed connecting with other AmeriCorps members and hearing their stories of inspiring experiences. She also enjoyed meeting the homeowners and the physical work.

These are just a few of the comments we received about the week. Other enjoyable moments included the Tuesday night community dinner and the homeowners that spoke that evening, and many enjoyed meeting the families there were serving.

One volunteer said meeting the families is “putting faces on the jobs.”

Our group of 47, accomplished much in the Painter’s Point neighborhood: four weatherization jobs, five A Brush With Kindness projects, two critical home repairs, and work on six new houses. A community also pitched in and helped clean up its neighborhood.

The neighborhood filled two dumpsters within four days with unwanted items.

These accomplishments will have a profound effect on the families for years to come. Two homeowners will be able leave their home easily creating a better quality of life because of a handicap ramp. Four families will have lower heating bills, less mold and safer homes because of weatherization, and five families have will be able to enjoy their homes instead of feeling burdened because they can’t afford cosmetic repairs.

Here at Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity it is a week we will never forget. It was awe-inspiring to see a community embrace the work and even pitch in and help.

Thank you, Habitat for Humanity, for allowing us to host a Build-a-Thon. Thank you AmeriCorps members for coming to West Virginia and working hard to make an impact on our community.