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Philadelphia Eagles assist with falling walls and ReStore hauls

By Julianna Calvin


Demolition of a wall.


Philadelphia Eagles player, Brent Celek, sawing lumber.


Tuesday was tough on everyone. The sun seemed to rise much earlier than anticipated and the Inn at Wilmington’s coffee pots worked double time!

Hours of hard work, a mixture of rainy and muggy weather and late nights of war stories with friends took their toll on all. Many members that were out of their element on a job site reminisced of late morning starts at the ReStore and conference calls they once took for granted.

Breakfast conversations were filled with pep talks and reminders that our hard work and dedication will soon pay off. Someday families will inhabit these buildings and hopefully pay forward the generosity they have received.

Once on site, we were back into the swing of things, emptying trash, tearing down walls and ripping out drywall. Site Two, my site, spent the morning cleaning up after the storm of demolition from the day before. The team swept and hauled its way toward the back room.

The goals of the day were to empty the home of all debris, clean the basement and clear the back yard of an old shed and random debris.

All of Site Two’s goals were met and our team even managed to save enough scrap metal, furniture and tile to fill the affiliates ReStore truck. The back wall of the property was in a questionable state and Wednesdays inspections would decide whether to knock out the wall and rebuild or save it.

Wednesday, day four of Build A Thon, was off to a great start! Announcements from dinner the night before brought the news that we would get a chance to meet many of New Castle’s partner families at dinner this evening and that the Philadelphia Eagles would be on site building with us today. What an exciting day in Delaware!

Site Two began the day with a structural evaluation which lead to the demolition of the entire back wall. Eagles players helped our team sledge hammer bricks and carry them out to the dumpster. Our team efforts paid off and our house may soon be a home!