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Framing for the future

By Julianna Calvin


Members new to construction learned how to use power tools.


Julianna Calvin and the rest of team 2 began flooring and framing.


Team 2 group photo ending the final day of building.


Tyler Fitzgerald cuts lumber.


The final stretch of Build-A-Thon Delaware 2011 was in full swing on Thursday and Friday. Cleanup and demolition were complete on most sites and members began framing, flooring, and making repairs to the sites.

The rains made the final days exhausting and a Friday night group baseball game outing impossible. Team 4, the fencing team, struggled all week with thick mud and deep water puddles while installing wood fencing on all sites.

Wednesday night’s dinner gave members a chance to meet Wilmington’s board members, partner families and core volunteers. Thursday morning’s opening brought a second wind to the Delaware members.

Wednesday night’s meet and greet was a great reminder of the meaning of national service. Teamwork really paid off in the final days. Many sites had new sub floors put in and framed whole floors by the end of the week.

Members gave hugs, exchanged contact information and many thanks with each other and Habitat for Humanity Wilmington, Del.’s staff on Friday night. This week was a great opportunity for members to work and learn together on one site. Build-A-Thon was an experience I personally will never forget.

The most memorable experiences this week were; war paint Wednesday, Philadelphia Eagles’ visit, stuffed animal site mascots, partner family meet and greet, Vern and Casey’s musical entertainment, site songs and saying goodbye.

Thank you Habitat for Humanity of Wilmington, Del. for taking such good care of us and treating everyone like one of your own. We were truly blessed to have this opportunity to work together and help this communities strive to eliminate substandard housing.

Wilmington, DE Build-A-Thon fun facts:

  • 39 members and two state volunteers attended
  • 287 hours worked
  • 100 gallons of water consumed
  • 200lbs of nails used
  • 700+ photos were taken and posted to our Facebook page
  • We found treasures like; Eeyore, Elmo, Winnie the Pooh, Garfield, two rookie baseball cards, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, chicken bones and 50 year-old written letters.
  • 300 yards of debris were removed from the sites (nine dumpsters)
  • ReStore has a potential revenue of $360 in furniture and made $324 from metal recycling
  • Members consumed 288 granola bars
  • 20 panels of fencing (three backyards) were made.
  • 715 pieces of lumber were used.

Thank you to all who made this event possible. Safe travels and good luck to all members for the remainder of your service year.