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Day two in Pensacola: Up to the rooftops

By Calli Speakman, volunteer coordinator at Pensacola Habitat for Humanity


The AmeriCorps crew working on the three homes in the afternoon of the second build day of the Pensacola Build-a-Thon.


Amanda Sale, an AmeriCorps member, and Jessica Hicks, a Pensacola partner family member, pose to take a picture while working on the construction site together on Tuesday.


So far the Build-a-Thon in Pensacola has been going great. I have really enjoyed getting to know other AmeriCorps members and we all have been having a great time.

I kind of have a unique role for this Build-a-Thon as I am in charge of taking video and pictures.

I have really enjoyed going around and documenting the whole experience. To witness this event is really jaw-dropping. It is amazing to see about 50 AmeriCorps members working on three houses side by side.

I am also really impressed with how fast they are building. By the end of the first build day, trusses were getting started on one of the houses and by the end of the second day all three houses had decking on the roof and two had the felt on.

The members work hard and they can really hammer fast. Every time I get set up to take a shot and get ready to hit record, they are already finished hammering. I guess I am going to have to learn to set up faster!

I have also enjoyed seeing the members work and interact with some of our partner families. The members are really good about teaching and showing the partner families what to do on the construction site.

Often our partner families can be shy and have a hard time interacting with our volunteers. But this week it has been wonderful to see the relationships that are developing.

Today we took a break from building and were able to see some of Pensacola’s greatest treasures. First we went to a Blue Angels Air Show. The Blue Angels are the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron and their home base is Pensacola. They perform stunts at 700 mph and today they were amazing. We also made a stop in the Naval Aviation Museum and then headed to Pensacola’s most famous attraction, the beach!

It was a great day and we all had fun. Now it is time to get back to work. We have two more days of building and I am excited to see how far we are going to get on the homes.