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“Under No Roof 2004” Over 300 Youngsters In Singapore To Sleep In “Cardboard City” Slums To Raise Awareness of Poverty Housing

June 8, 2004


Scene from “Under No Roof 2003”: this year, more Singaporean youngsters will experience what it is like not to have a home, albeit only for a weekend

SINGAPORE: 8th June 2004: More than 300 students from around Singapore will transform the Victoria Junior College Sports Complex into a temporary slum settlement this weekend.

The youngsters will sleep under their makeshift cardboard shelters in a poverty housing awareness project known as “Under Roof 2004”.

The aim of the event is to raise young people’s consciousness of inadequate housing conditions that plaguing hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Habitat for Humanity Singapore expects the event to motivate more Singaporeans to help reduce poverty housing and homelessness through their involvement with Habitat for Humanity.

This is the second year HFH Singapore has organised this event. Unlike the previous year where participants were provided with food and building materials, this year they will be given a limited budget at the start of the activity, which they would use at their own discretion to purchase all the necessities