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Have a Habitat Christmas!

December 13, 2004

BANGKOK, 13th December 2004: Habitat for Humanity Asia-Pacific is pioneering the first ever Habitat for Humanity Christmas cards - drawn by the children of Habitat homeowners throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

1.East Timor (Timor-Leste)
Sonia P, aged 5, Dili

2. Korea
Sung-Jin, aged 11, Chuncheon

3. Korea
Ga-young, aged 10, Gunsan

4. Malaysia
Romualdo, aged 7, Sarawak

The colorful cards come in eight different designs, depicting Habitat homes from six countries. All are beautifully drawn and reveal some fascinating details about the lives of children living in Habitat homes.

The initiative for the Christmas cards came from Habitat for Humanity Asia-Pacific photojournalist Mikel Flamm. “The drawings are the voices of the children - these are the Habitat stories we don’t usually get to hear,” said Flamm.

The idea to collect Habitat children’s art was inspired by his visit to a home partner’s house in Danang, Vietnam, for an interview. Flamm noticed some drawings on the wall by the home partner’s grandchildren, of fishermen, village life and a Habitat house. “That’s when I thought Habitat children can speak through their art,” said Flamm.

Flamm launched The Habitat Children’s Art project in September 2004 at the Asia-Pacific Leadership Convention, Representatives from 22 Asia-Pacific countries received drawing packs - containing crayons, paper and instructions to ‘let children to express themselves about what they think about their Habitat home’. Children were encouraged to draw their Habitat house, their family with trees or animals, including something specific about the country they live in.

Over 100 drawings have already been received from ten countries - and the project is ongoing. The distinctive Christmas cards were selected from the collection.

The Christmas cards are only one way in which the children’s submissions are being used. Each picture tells a unique story and they are being compiled for future displays, publications and exhibitions.

Each 14.5cm x 9.5cm Christmas card is available to buy. For more details about the Christmas cards, please email

If you’d like to know more about The Habitat Children’s Art project, please email Mikel Flamm,

Vanessa B, aged 10, Sarawak

6. Mongolia
Manlai, aged 7, Darkhan

7. Thailand
Chawlada T, aged 6, Chiang Mai

8. Vietnam
Manlai, aged 7, Darkhan