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Habitat Ready with Reconstruction Plans in Four Countries

January 5, 2005


Searching the wreckage: Homeowners search for belongings in a ravaged Habitat home

BANGKOK, 5th January 2005:
Habitat for Humanity has put together comprehensive plans for reconstruction in four tsunami-affected countries. Building on established regional networks, and extensive experience in each of the areas, Habitat has been able to rapidly determine immediate and longer-term local requirements. Aid is now being channeled to meet these needs.
Habitat is ready to commence reconstruction in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Planning for the future
Planning and global co-ordination is underway to direct Habitat’s long term strategy to support tsunami-affected areas. This means assessing real needs, the scale and thrust of Habitat’s response, donor strategies, and how HFHI can best deploy its resources. Discussions are also looking at how to best utilize volunteers (specialist or Global Village teams). There are also discussions underway about how to use the regularly scheduled Global Village teams due to be in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

You can help the efforts of the Habitat for Humanity Disaster Response Office by a donation to the Asia Tsunami Response Fund.