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Habitat in the Pacific: A Life Better In Solomon Islands * * * * 50-house Pilot Project Involves Community’s Young People

October 10, 2005



Homes in Honoa: one of the completed homes with one of those still to be finished



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HONOA, 10th October 2005: Habitat for Humanity Solomon Islands has completed the first six houses of a 50-house project in its pilot project in Honoa, a community in eastern Malaita province in the southwestern Pacific island nation.

The build, which has been underway since July 2004, is making a significant difference to this village of 400 people.

Habitat has provided formal construction skills training to young volunteers, who are among the most enthusiastic workers on the project.

The community is seeing less alcohol and drug abuse as a result, as young people focus on the future.

HFH Solomon Islands plans to train more young men from the village in construction skills to help continue Habitat’s work in the area.

Malaita province is home to about one-fifth of the Solomon Islands’ 500,000 people.

The project is being funded by a Save & Build program, under which homeowners pool resources and work together to raise money for building. In Honoa, this includes milling timber to be used in the new houses.

The houses are each two bedrooms with corrugated iron roofing and can have an extension built on. The project is expected to be completed in early 2007




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