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Habitat Representative In Earthquake Zone

October 14, 2005

ABBOTSBAD, 14th October 2005: An estimated three million people have been made homeless as a result of the Pakistan earthquake.


Balakot, Pakistan: rebuilding must start from scratch

Habitat for Humanity Pakistan representative Farhan Mall is currently traveling in and around Abbotabad, a city about 90-100 km. north of the capital, Islamabad. “Many buildings have fallen in this city but the situation is not as bad as other places,” he says.

Mall is holding discussions with potential partners which already operate in the earthquake-affected area.

Potential partners operate in Kaghan Valley, Balakot, Kohistan, Jabori, Rawlakot, Bagh and Muzzafarabad.

In the coming days, he will be visiting other cities for further meetings with potential partners.

Mobile phone connections are available in some areas but limited elsewhere. Internet connections are very slow.


Destruction in Pakistan: remains of the post office in Balakot

“Please continue to pray for Pakistani people because still there are thousands of families whose loved ones are under the rubble and are being pulled out in pieces,” adds Mall. “The government admits that they have only reached 80 per cent of the people yet and no body knows what the situation is in the remaining 20 per cent of villages.”