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Habitat Responds To Pakistan Earthquake

Habitat for Humanity is continuing with its commitment to rebuilding the homes and lives of people in Pakistan following the deadly October 2005 earthquake that was felt across South Asia.

08_16_2006_pakistan_earthquake-1.jpgHabitat for Humanity Continues To Provide Shelters And Sawmill Services To Pakistan Earthquake Victims
Updated 31 August 2006

Japan-Supported Sawmill Services Boost Habitat’s Reconstruction Efforts In Earthquake-hit Pakistan

HFH Pakistan Helps Over 200 Earthquake-Affected Families To Resettle In Their Villages

Habitat Distributing Winters Kits to 100 families Living in Shelters

Habitat For Humanity To Help Build Quake-Resistant Homes In Pakistan

Habitat For Humanity Advisors Supervise Erection of 500 Homes For Quake-Affected Widows And Families

Habitat for Humanity Explores UN-Habitat Semi-Permanent Shelter Model

Habitat and Partners to Help Earthquake Survivors with Winter Shelter

Habitat for Humanity Team due in Pakistan

Stench of Death in Pakistan

Representative in Earthquake Zonez

Habitat Responds To Pakistan Earthquake08_16_2006_pakistan_earthquake-2.jpg

Habitat is working with the government and partners to rebuild and repair homes. A key part of the response is the Habitat Resource Center, where Habitat expertise and facilities are made available to train and assist communities to rebuild their homes. Habitat for Humanity Japan is working closely with the program.

Shortly before the earthquake, Habitat for Humanity was in the process of formally establishing its presence in Pakistan. Over time, Habitat hopes to establish a long-term program in the country.

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Habitat for Humanity currently has no openings for volunteers. Opportunities may arise in the coming months. Please check back on this web site for future developments. [16th August 2005]

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