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Landmark 500th Habitat Houses Completed In Bangladesh And Mongolia

Two Asian Programs Reach New Heights

DACCA & ULANBAATAR, 28th November 2006: Habitat for Humanity’s Asia-Pacific housing program celebrated twin milestone achievements with the dedication of the 500th houses in Bangladesh and Mongolia.

No fear: In their new and durable brick home, Bangladeshi rickshaw puller Bijoy Das and his family will never live again in fear that their mud house will collapse because of heavy monsoon rains

Celebrations: songs to usher in Habitat for Humanity’s 500th, 501st and 502nd houses in Mongolia

The recent house dedication in Bangladesh of the country’s 500th home partner, Bijoy Das, and his family, was celebrated by a line up of special guests.

The occasion attracted Gene V. George, the mission director of USAID, Andrew L. Fawthrop, president and managing director of Chevron Bangladesh and members oif the board of Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh.

In his opening remarks board chairman, Dr Peter Halder, said that through its strategic planning HFH Bangladesh is determined to address the country’s housing crisis with appropriate organizational response. It is estimated that 45 per cent of Bangladeshis live on less than US$1 a day.

Since Habitat for Humanity began its work in Bangladesh in 1999, it has counted the local arm of multinational energy giant Chevron as one of its valued partners. The company supports Habitat’s housing programs as part of its corporate social responsibility program.

Habitat’s work in Bangladesh is conducted through a Habitat for Humanity International branch. There are plans to double the number of homes built within a year and to further build’s capacity. There is a commitment to create 56,000 affordable housing opportunities through renovation and repair programs and through building new houses for rural and semi-urban populations by the end of 2011.

In Mongolia, the 500th, 501st and 502nd houses built were dedicated in Darkhan, Erdenet and Ulaanbaatar respectively. The ceremonies were attended by representatives of the local authorities, the national government, Habitat’s local partners, and Habitat board members and staff.

“It is the vision of Habitat to reduce poverty through its housing program. Besides the number of houses built, what really counts is the improvement and changes we see in the lives of the families that have been helped and the children living in these houses who can now see a better future,” explained national director Charles Jolliffe.

Habitat for Humanity Mongolia has been active since 2000. It has projects in eight locations, building simple homes as well as carrying out renovations and repairs. Each year, each Mongolia hosts numerous Global Village teams of international volunteers from Australia, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, China and Japan.