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HFH Japan’s Campus Chapters Raise Over US$5,000 For Building A House In Bangladesh

Student-organized Charity Event Features Photographs And Comedy To Enhance Awareness of Bangladesh

TOKYO, 30th January 2007: In an apt demonstration of long-distance neighborly help, three Habitat for Humanity Japan Campus Chapters organized a charity event called “Bangla” to raise nearly 610,000 yen, more than US$5,000 to construct one house in Bangladesh.

Fluid means: Students from HFH Japan’s Campus Chapters selling chai (tea) to raise funds

Youth leaders:  the three of Campus Chapters raised over US$5,000 during their charity event for Bangladesh.

The event, held in Tokyo’s popular shopping Shibuya district, aimed at raising awareness about life and the landscape of Bangladesh through images and performance. 

An exhibition and talk by Bangladeshi photographer Anisur Rahaman captured the poverty of the people, a contrast to the beautiful landscapes of his home country. Anisur also spoke about the importance of cultural understanding and raising awareness about Bangladesh.   

Anisur’s point was reinforced in a multicultural comedy performance by duo “Ami-Boro-Roku-Hoe-De-Sxie-Jete-Chai”. Using Bangladeshi humor, they gently poked fun at life in Japan in order to remove fixed notions about Bangladesh and improve Japanese people’s understanding of the South Asian country.

The event included the sale of Bangladesh folk art as well as “chai” (tea) and crepes.  

The organizers were students from Kanda University of International Studies, Aoyama Gakuin University and Meiji Gakuin University.

Donations, entrance fees and sale proceeds raised the equivalent of US$5,000 which was due to be presented to HFH Bangladesh by Global Village volunteers from Japan. However, GV trip by students from Kanda and Meiji Gakuin universities scheduled for January and February have been postponed due to political unrest in Bangladesh. The contribution will be presented at a later date.