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GE Money To Support HFH Indonesia Through Credit Card Holders’ Donations

Two-Year Partnership To Help Habitat Families Renovate Houses Or Fund Children’s Education

JAKARTA, 19th October 2007: Reflecting GE Money Indonesia’s tagline of “My Card, My Family”, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia’s new two-year partnership with the consumer finance services company aims to assist families in housing and education.


Charged with responsibility: The donations from GE Money credit card holders will help Habitat families to renovate their houses or fund the education of Habitat home partners’ children.

GE Money Indonesia has sent flyers to its credit card customers, calling for donations toward Habitat houses or scholarships for the children of Habitat home partners. The flyers give details of  how GE Money credit card holders can contribute 100,000 rupiah (about US$11) every month, for a minimum of 12 months, for a child’s tuition fees. Card holders can also give between 300,000 and one million rupiah (between US$33 and US$111) to help Habitat families renovate their houses. GE Money credit card holders have the option of making monthly donations or a one-time contribution.

The money raised will contribute to Habitat’s Love Indonesia’s programs to serve 25,000 families from 2007 to 2009.

GE Money is part of GE, a diversified technology, media and financial services company headquartered in Connecticut in the US. Set up in 1992, GE Money Indonesia has provided financial services to over one million customers, offering various products such as credit cards, insurance and motor credit.

Although GE Money Indonesia is a first-time Habitat partner, GE Indonesia has provided firm support to Habitat. GE Indonesia’s contributions included a US$475,000 donation for tsunami reconstruction in Aceh on the west coast, provision of US$118,000 in cash and gifts in kind for Habitat’s earthquake reconstruction project in Yogyakarta, and nearly US$2,800 and relief supplies for Habitat’s flood response program in the capital Jakarta.