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HFH Philippines Starts Small, Thinks Big

Project 100 Targets 100-Peso Donation From Each Individual


07_18_2012_Philippines_Starts_Small_ThinHabitat staff in the Philippines have their photographs taken after making pledges to donate 100 pesos.

MANILA, 18 July 2012: Fund-raising initiatives are targeting the pocket and not necessarily very deep ones. Habitat for Humanity Philippines is asking people to give 100 pesos (US$2.30) monthly through Project 100.

HFH Philippines’ Marmie Liquigan shares what inspired this project: “Everyone has a hundred-peso-bill in their purses or wallets that can mindlessly be spent on trivial whims. Project 100 aims to raise an awareness that that Php100 bill can be better given to a good cause.”

The donations will help HFH Philippines to provide decent housing and community development initiatives to benefit the children of home partner families. Support Project 100 at Habitat’s fundraising portal