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HFH Vietnam Builds Its First Bamboo House

Habitat Conducts Study To Determine If Pilot Project Can Be Extended To Other Provinces


07_18_2012_Vietnam_Builds_First_Bamboo_H(Top) Construction workers drilling holes into bamboo.
(Bottom) Le Dan Song and his daughter outside their bamboo house.

HANOI, 18 July 2012: Bamboo is the new object of beauty for Habitat for Humanity Vietnam with the completion of a pilot house using the material in northern Ha Tinh province.

While bamboo is not the construction material of choice for many people, HFH Vietnam sees value in the fast-growing plant which is locally available.

Its durability is evident as many old houses built with bamboo in the area are still standing today.

HFH Vietnam will conduct a study into the cost-effectiveness and acceptance of bamboo houses among the local community in Huong Khe district. If the pilot bamboo house is considered to be a success, HFH Vietnam has plans to adapt the design in Huong Khe and other parts of Vietnam.

It takes about three-and-a-half months to build an environmentally friendly bamboo house at a cost of more than 44 million Vietnamese dong (US$2,100).

Le Dan Song and his family are thankful. “My family and I are happy to have this house. It is strong enough to resist the harsh weather we experience here and we will feel safe and comfortable living in it.”