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New Hong Kong Project to Spruce Up Homes

About 140 households expected to be helped when the “Green Joyful Home for the Disabled” project is completed in June 2014


11_29_2012_new_hk_project_to_spruce_up_hGrandma Chiu (center) with some Habitat volunteers who renovated her home.

HONG KONG, 29 November 2012: Hong Kong is well-known as a fast-paced city but Habitat for Humanity China’s volunteers are taking time to improve the housing conditions of low-income families, especially those with disabled family members.

Habitat for Humanity China has launched a new project to improve the living conditions of the elderly in Hong Kong. More than 60 volunteers, mostly from corporations, helped 10 households in public housing estates over two weekends in October.

The ‘Green Joyful Home for the Disabled’ project will run till June 2014, aiming to improve the lives of 140 households who are either living in or renting public housing units.

Before the launch of the project, HFH China had a trial run in July, helping 82-year-old Grandma Chiu to renovate her dingy apartment in Kowloon. Now, her apartment sports a fresh coat of paint with new furniture and new floorboards. Handrails have also been installed in the bathroom.

“This is very unexpected. I am so happy with my clean and tidy flat. I feel like I have moved into a new home filled with warmth and love,” said Grandma Chiu.

Habitat for Humanity builds homes with low-income families in southwestern Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong and Sichuan provinces. In Shanghai, Habitat’s office develops projects and partnerships in the Yangzi delta area. The Habitat office in Hong Kong raises awareness and spearheads fund-raising projects.

Check out HFH China’s Facebook page or visit its website for more information.