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How do you volunteer?

On June 23 each year, United Nations Public Service Day celebrates the value and virtue of public service to the community.
Families around the world certainly see that value firsthand every day, as Habitat volunteers and supporters like you help them improve their living conditions. Your generosity and hard work create homes, community and hope.
“One drop of water helps to swell the ocean; a spark of fire helps to give light to the world,” wrote Hannah More, English poet, playwright, author and educator. “None are too small, too feeble, too poor to be of service. Think of this and act.”
Here on the blog, we’ve highlighted the many ways you can volunteer with Habitat. Now it’s your turn. In the comments below, tell us how you volunteer and why you are involved in your community. Together, let’s celebrate service!


Bill Adams wrote:

I volunteer on the board of the San Marcos Lions Club where we raise money through our San Marcos Lions Club Tube Rental on the San Marcos River for over 50 local charities and disbursed over $150,000 this past 2012-2013 year. We also provided over $20,000 this past year to about 12 students from our local high schools who will be entering college as freshmen this fall. I am currently supervising the San Marcos Lions Club concession at our tube rental take out point where 75 percent of our net profit is donated to the San Marcos Parks and Recreation department. We also provide vision services to those in financial need.

I also volunteer on the board of the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance providing hiking trail and park green space maintenance and development as partner advocates with the city parks and recreation department.

My belief is to serve the community is to serve God. Lions mission, "We serve."

Gina ushkowitz wrote:

I ❤️ volunteering for habitat. Hope to get more opportunities to !

Joe Ford wrote:

I serve on the Board of the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, assist with construction of Habitat houses, participate in Global Village builds, cook and serve meals for low-income families, assist at the local food pantry, assist at the local museum and participate in mission trips.

Loretta Reed wrote:

I volunteer thru the Dallas Association of Realtists in Dallas, Tx (DAR) of which I am a member. We are a local State chapter within our National (NAREB). We partner with Habitat national as well and use our many resources to assist our many clients in the communities to access affordable housing. I am a volunteer also in other areas of community needs, church, political etc. Thanks to all VOLUNTEERS!
We are needed for progress.

Sharon Vipond wrote:

I volunteer as a group leader with Habitat Canada's Global Village Program and love it! All of us come to help but always feel we leave with so much more. The friendships that develop from teamwork on the worksites, together with the laughter and camaraderie, make these volunteer experiences rich, heartfelt and memorable. I have been volunteering for 10 years and I am always equally excited about the next build and the family we will help, as I was on my first venture. Many of us are repeat builders as each build is a wonderful and exciting experience; I think Habitat GV is the best way to vacation and travel. My next GV build is Guatemala in January. Want to join?

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