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BUiLDERS toolkit

Join Habitat’s BUiLD movement to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live. 
Use the tools below to spread the word about the global housing need and our affordable-housing mission. If you have questions about the BUiLD campaign, contact us at

Terms and conditions
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Web banners and social media graphics
Join the BUiLD movement to raise awareness of the global need for affordable housing by adding these banners and graphics to your website and social media channels.

Sample social media posts




BUiLD poster BUiLD poster
BUiLD postcard
BUILD sign

BUiLD sign
The “i” in BUiLD emphasizes individuality, inviting everyone to make a personal statement to change the world.

  1. Take the BUiLD pledge by completing this sign. Your answer should be as unique as you are: peace of mind, new friendships, a place to dream. Feel free to share any aspiration, not just those about volunteerism or housing.
  2. Post a photo of yourself and your sign on Facebook or Twitter, pointing to Find us at or at (#iBUiLDHabitat).
  3. Challenge your friends, family and fans to join BUiLD at  
BUILD stickers

BUiLD stickers




Video The BUiLD pledge (video)