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Cars for Homes: Partners

As vital members of the communities that we serve, the following partners further our mission by providing much-needed funds and other help. We are grateful for their support.

Charter Communications
Charter Communications, Inc., a broadband communications company, helps to rebuild communities by using its infrastructure and telecommunications to promote life-affirming activities and organizations.

Charter supports Habitat by creating and distributing high-quality public service announcements that promote Cars for Homes™.

To learn more: watch one of Charter’s Cars for Homes PSAs or read the Nov. 15, 2005 press release


Waste Management
Waste Management, North America’s leading provider of recycling and solid waste services, believes that homeownership anchors families and fosters stronger communities.

Waste Management partners with Habitat to build environmentally responsible homes that minimize waste during construction and incorporate recycled and energy-conserving materials.

To learn more: read the Dec. 29, 2004 press release.