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Global Village is your gateway to working with Habitat for Humanity in more than 40 countries as well as in the U.S.

Whether you want to build houses for vulnerable children in Africa or healthy kitchens for families in Central America, repair apartments in Asia Pacific or strengthen U.S. neighborhoods, Habitat will provide you with a compelling project, like-minded teammates, access to the local culture and excellent support.

Join a Global Village trip and take your next step to making the world a better place.

Special Interest Builds
Our special builds include pilot projects, Women Builds, multinational teams and big events. Increase your impact and invest in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

By clicking the country names, you can visit trip pages to learn more information or apply to join.

Questions? Contact Global Village at or call 1-800-HABITAT, ext. 7530 or 229-924-6935, ext. 7530.

Africa/Middle East  
Location Leader Date
Jordan   Thomas   Mar. 11-17, 2016  
Zambia   Campbell   Nov. 20-29, 2015  

Location Leader Date
Bangladesh   Kingsley   Feb. 26-Mar. 11, 2016  
Cambodia   Johnston   Dec. 4-13, 2015  
India   Regehr   Nov. 28-Dec. 12, 2015  
Nepal   Tomey/Cassino   Feb. 19-Mar. 5, 2016  
Peoples Republic of China   Ding   Nov. 6-15, 2015  
Peoples Republic of China   Catalano   Mar. 14-23, 2016  
Thailand   Alvarez   Jan. 2-11, 2016  
Thailand   Asteros   Jan. 23-Feb. 1, 2016  
Thailand   Bond-Yancey   Mar. 19-28, 2016  

Europe/Central Asia  
Location Leader Date
Armenia   Gallup   Jul. 8-17, 2016  
Portugal   Fortman   Feb. 6-15, 2016  

Latin America/Caribbean  
Location Leader Date
Argentina   Houldin   Feb. 19-28, 2016  
El Salvador   Ong   Nov. 21-29, 2015  
El Salvador   Voirol/Shull   Mar. 11-20, 2016  
Guatemala   Andrews   Dec. 12-20, 2015  
Guatemala   Allen/Sebilia   Feb. 13-21, 2016  
Nicaragua   Busick   Nov. 21-29, 2015  
Nicaragua   Vos   Jan. 23-31, 2016  
Paraguay   Rodrique   Nov. 7-14, 2015  
Trinidad & Tobago   Wild/Caffray   Jan. 23-31, 2016  

United States of America  
Location Leader Date
Alaska   Budway   Feb. 27-Mar. 12, 2016  
Alaska   Osborne   May 1-9, 2016  
Alaska   Lott/Wong   June 12-23, 2016  
Hawaii   Robinson   Jan. 16-24, 2016  
Hawaii   Aseltine   Jan. 17-23, 2016  
Hawaii   Currie   Jan. 18-28, 2016  
Hawaii   McCabe   Feb. 8-18, 2016  
Hawaii   Jansen   Feb. 13-21, 2016  
Hawaii   Kearney   April 2-10, 2016  
North Carolina   Franck   April 9-16, 2016  
North Carolina   Banks   May 7-14, 2016  

Thrivent Builds Worldwide
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