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‘Everybody can serve’


Terri Adams spent Saturday helping raise the walls on the future home of the Kouassi-Harper family.

Terri Adams is working on the home of Koffi Kouassi and Tonya Harper in Knoxville, Tenn., helping complete Habitat for Humanity’s 200,000th house built worldwide.

”We’ve been up there in the sun, pounding away!” she says.

As vice president of risk management at Denark Construction, Adams is a volunteer who knows her way around a build site. She also knows the good things that can happen when people work together to improve their community.

Adams is one of several Denark employees working on the Kouassi-Harper house this week. The company has a history of supporting Knoxville Habitat for Humanity with both manpower and funds, and it was a part of the affiliate’s first historic-compatible build in Knoxville’s historic district.

Both as a construction professional and a resident of Knoxville, Adams is happy to be a part of what Knoxville Habitat is doing in her city.

”There’s satisfaction in knowing that you’re working virtually with strangers on a team project, helping someone else achieve a dream,” she says.

Adams is a member of the National Association of Women in Construction, a national organization committed to enhancing women’s careers in construction. Through scholarships and community projects, NAWC helps empower women all over the country to discover their place on build sites. Adams is excited about what this means for Habitat for Humanity sites, where a growing number of women are finding that their contribution can be great.

“Everybody can participate in some way. Everybody can serve out there,” Adams says. “With a little bit of training and confidence in yourself.”