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Whirlpool employees find ‘something special and personal’ on 200,000th build site


Nancy Dinsmore of Whirlpool—“blessed and lucky” to be a part of this historic build.

”Habitat for Humanity has become part of the DNA of our company,” says Jeff Terry, Habitat for Humanity Senior Program Manager for Whirlpool.

Terry and his coworkers are helping build Habitat’s milestone 200,000th house in Knoxville, Tennessee, where in just a few days the family of Koffi Kouassi and Tonya Harper will become homeowners for the first time.

This build is a special one for Whirlpool, one of Habitat’s largest donors, because Knoxville is home to many of its employees. A group of these employees have been sweating, hammering and painting alongside homeowners Koffi Kouassi and Tonya Harper all week. The Knoxville office is a key order processing and fulfillment location, and its employees are well aware of the partnership they are helping to nurture.

”It’s a privelege for us to be a part of this,” Terry says. “It’s a chance for the employees to find something special and personal for themselves.”

Nancy Dinsmore agrees. She has worked at Whirlpool as a credit representative for eight years and is excited about the collaboration happening between Habitat and Whirlpool.

”I’m happy to be a part of something so special,” she says, “especially as a Whirlpool employee. When you meet someone on the build site, you’re the face of Whirlpool at that moment.”

This is Nancy’s third Habitat build, her second as a Whirlpool employee. She reports feeling “blessed and lucky” to be included in this historic build. She brings unique skills to the site, having once worked with her husband to rehab a house.

”I love Habitat’s premise,” she says. “The sweat equity, the fact that the family is able to work for this instead of just being given something. I can’t imagine how they must feel!”

Whirlpool has been a true friend to Habitat the past several years, through house sponsorship, volunteer support and the well-known appliance donation program for U.S. Habitat homeowners. This week the company announced that it will be expanding this partnership to an international scale. By its 100th anniversary in 2011, the company has pledged to support “every Habitat home, everywhere, with everyone,” in the form of appliance donation, house sponsorship or financial support for every Habitat home built around the world.

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