Asia Pacific consultants

Rajan Samuel serves as Housing Finance Manager for the Asia and Pacific (AP) region. His responsibilities include identifying alternative legal structures to promote housing for the poor; providing structured technical assistance to partner organizations in the area of risk, fund and portfolio management; and developing alternative financial instruments to tap into capital markets. As part of his engagements for the Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance he is currently serving as project director, for the “Cambodia Housing Microfinance Capacity Building” Project, in partnership with SCBF; has provided technical advice for the project “Cambodia Sanitation Finance”, for ADB; and has served as Area Technical Lead, for the project “Transforming Access to Housing Finance in India”, in partnership with USAID.
Mr. Samuel has been involved in finance and community development for more than 27 years and has undertaken assignments in 25 countries. He has worked for EFICOR, Opportunity International, World Bank, Khula Finance, DFID, IFAD, CARE, World Vision, Danida and others.
Mr. Samuel has a master’s degree in Commerce and Business Administration and is a CGAP certified Trainer.  He has presented his Ph.D. thesis on microfinance and transiting economics at Azerbaijan State Economic University. Rajan speaks Hindi, Tamil &Kannada. He is based in Manila, The Philippines.

Jennifer Oomen serves as Housing Finance Manager for the Asia and Pacific (AP) region. She in charge of developing support services for housing finance products and savings-based lending models in the AP region. Ms. Oomen is leading the development of financial education initiatives in the region and is certified financial education facilitator. Additionally, she is overseeing the development of the Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance activities in the region.  As part of her engagements for the CISF she is the current project coordinator & technical advisor, for the Cambodia Housing Microfinance Capacity Building Project, in partnership with SCBF, and is serving as the technical advisor, for the module Responsible Finance, for the IFC Housing Microfinance Toolkit Development, in India, and is the project manager for the Citi-Habitat Home Improvement Micro savings Project in Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam, in partnership with Citi Foundation.
Ms. Oomen has been involved in housing and community development for 10 years including conducting research on the housing priorities of IDPs residing in Kampala, Uganda and working on community based solutions to end homelessness in the US. 
Ms. Oomen holds a master's degree from the London School of Economics and a bachelor's in sociology from the University of Wisconsin. She is based in Manila, Philippines.

Henry Waller serves as Director of Housing Microfinance Technical Assistance Center, India, that works as an arm of the Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance, in India to provide institutional technical assistance to financial institutions interested in improving or developing housing finance products with housing support services. As part of his engagements for the CISF he serves as program manager for the project, Transforming Access to Housing Finance in India, in partnership with USAID, and has worked as Housing Microfinance Coordinator, for the development of a Housing Microfinance Toolkit, in partnership with IFC.
Prior to Habitat, Mr. Waller worked for twenty years with World Vision International in various regional and country programs. During his tenure, he focused on shaping and pioneering microfinance and enterprise development programs in Asia, including establishing an operationally sustainable microfinance program in Myanmar. 
Mr. Waller is a certified member of ASTD and holds an advanced certificate in Microfinance from Boulder Microfinance Institute. He has a M.S. in economic development from Eastern University, an MBA in human resources from XLRI (Jamshedpur, India) and Master’s degree in commerce from Loyola College -Chennai.  Henry serves as an Adjunct faculty member in Eastern University teaching a graduate level course in Microfinance in Africa. Henry speaks Tamil, Hindi, and Vietnamese. He is based in Chennai, India.

Vong Chimm Vannak serves as Housing Finance Officer, based on Habitat for Humanity Cambodia, where he provides advice and assistance to support MFI partnerships. As part of his engagements for the Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance, he serves as the current project Coordinator, for the Cambodian Housing Microfinance Capacity Building Project, in partnership with SCBF.
Prior to working with Habitat, Mr. Vannak worked in microfinance at Vision Fund Cambodia and Plan International for 10 years in roles of project planning, monitoring &evaluation, and implementation.
Mr. Vannak holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Economic Development from the Faculty of Law and Economics, Phnom Penh. He speaks Khmer.