Global operations

Patrick Kelley serves as senior director of market development and housing finance for Habitat for Humanity International’s work globally. The market development team works to improve value chains and introduce market-based solutions that better serve the housing needs of low-income people. Important to Habitat’s approach is a two-pronged strategy of mobilizing capital and building capacity in local market actors.

Prior to Habitat for Humanity, Patrick worked in Africa supporting economic development and financial sector programs, including his role as executive director of the largest microfinance bank in Rwanda, URWEGO, and the start-up of two microfinance institutions in Burundi and the DRC. Patrick is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Business and the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton. He teaches a course on Inclusive Markets at Emory University and is based in Atlanta.

Sandra Prieto-Callison serves as director of market development and housing finance, leading the global operations of Habitat for Humanity International’s Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance. In her current role she has played a major part of establishing the global operations of CISF, including its structure and the training and capacity building of a network of consultants providing consultancy services to different housing market actors. She also focuses on the production of learning outputs to continue expanding understanding of affordable housing market-based solutions.

She has more than 20 years of experience in international development, working with microfinance, financial and nonprofit institutions. She has provided technical assistance in more than 25 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia around the design of products and services that promote financial inclusion among low-income groups, under projects funded by DFID, CIDA, USAID and MIF/IADB. She was also the director of a microfinance institution in Colombia. She has dedicated the last eight years to the design of housing finance products for very low-income populations and has directly trained more than 250 microfinance practitioners and more than 100 consultants in housing microfinance. She has written research papers on housing value chains and government-based mechanisms for affordable housing and has spoken at venues such as FOROMIC, the Microcredit Summit, SEEP network and Global Social Business Summit. She also has experience in product development, from market research and product design to business modelling, pilot implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

She holds a dual master’s degree in nonprofit management and social economics from the University of Barcelona, a diploma in management of organizational culture from the Xaveriana University in Colombia and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the National University of Colombia. She is proficient in English. Originally from Colombia, she is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Maria Teresa Morales serves as director of housing finance and market development for Latin America and the Caribbean region. As part of her role she oversees the operations of the CISF, and the institutional technical assistance to financial institutions accessing to the MicroBuild Fund in the LAC region. She is also charged with mobilizing non-philanthropic capital for the social housing sector in the region and supporting the development of alliances and linkages with different actors. Previously, she worked as the investments manager for HFHI’s LAC, in charge of establishing alliances with social investors interested in the subject of housing, and as part of her direct engagements for the CISF she was the director for the project strengthening the financial systems for housing microfinance in Peru and Bolivia, implemented in partnership with the Multilateral Investment Fund/IADB.

She has more than 22 years of professional experience in corporate finance, microfinance and development of strategic partnerships. She has occupied several managerial positions: in KPMG Peat Marwick, she was manager of consulting in the area of corporate finance and business transformation; and in Unisys Corporation, her last role as a controller included the management of the accounting and financial activities of the firm, as well as preparing and presenting reports regarding the firm’s financial operations. 

Mrs. Morales is a certified public accountant, and holds a master’s degree in management technology from the University of Maryland. She is proficient in Spanish and English. She is based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Ezekiel Esipisu serves as director of housing finance for Africa and the Middle East region. He leads the Africa and the Middle East region’s strategy for housing finance, and oversees the operations of the CISF and the institutional technical assistance to financial institutions accessing to the MicroBuild Fund in AME region. As part of his engagements for the CISF, he is managing a five-year, $6.6 million housing microfinance capacity building project in partnership with MasterCard Foundation, “Building the Shelter of the Poor,” in Ghana, Uganda and Kenya. 

Mr. Esipisu has more than 19 years of experience conducting assessments and designing and implementing microfinance related projects in Africa. He has previous experience advising program placement for development organizations including K-Rep, Practical Action Kenya, Plan International and ECLOF International. He is widely experienced in designing microfinance, enterprise development and housing microfinance projects. He is a microfinance/rural finance specialist and has, during the last eight years, been highly involved in the design and management of housing microfinance programs. He has delivered Housing Microfinance Training to stakeholders in several parts of Africa and is a faculty member at the Wharton Business School of graduate studies specializing in housing microfinance.

Mr. Esipisu undertook his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Nairobi in sociology. He has received advanced training in microfinance from Boulder, Colorado, and Springfield Centre, Durham. He is proficient in English and Kiswahili. He is based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Jyoti Patel works as associate director of capital markets in the market development and housing finance division, in charge of coordinating the activities in regards to MicroBuild Fund.

Ms. Patel began her career in the United States with Fidelity Investments in 1998, working in the equity trading department for seven years as a quantitative trade analyst. She spent the next three years in the buy-side asset management working in quantitative analytics with Putnam Investments, Boston and Nuveen Investments in Chicago. In 2008, Jyoti joined ACCION Investments as a director of the global investments department, overseeing investments in India. She also led a technology project in parallel to create financial and social performance metrics database and investment scoring models. As a consultant, Jyoti has worked extensively with Calvert Foundation conducting credit appraisals of the foundation’s international portfolio.

Jyoti has a master’s degree in international business and finance from Southern New Hampshire University, and a diploma in computer technology from Clark University. She is proficient in English and three Indian languages, and speaks intermediate German.

Greg Skowronski serves as director of housing finance and market development for the Asia-Pacific region. He oversees the operations for the Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance, and the institutional technical assistance to financial institutions receiving funding from the MicroBuild Fund in the AP region. Previously, Mr. Skowronski led Habitat for Humanity’s U.S. strategy for financing for affordable housing.

Prior to joining Habitat for Humanity, he helped develop a community-based microfinance and business training program in Johannesburg, South Africa. He also has more than 10 years of experience in private equity and investment banking at Five Mile Capital, JLL and UBS. In those roles, he completed public stock offerings, private debt placements, commercial real estate developments and mezzanine debt acquisitions.

Mr. Skowronski holds an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Georgia. He speaks English and is proficient in Spanish. He is based in Manila, Philippines.

Emmanuella Lamothe is a housing finance and market development specialist with Habitat for Humanity International, concentrating on grants and financial management and supporting the implementation of large multi-country, long-term projects such as MicroBuild, the Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance and the MasterCard project. Prior to joining HFHI, Emmanuella spent four years at CARE with a focus on managing large scale, multi-country grants and projects from inception through closeout. Emmanuella has previously worked in program management as well as community development for local nonprofit and government organizations. Emmanuella has a master’s degree in international business and a bachelor’s in business administration. Emmanuella speaks fluent Haitian Creole and Spanish, and proficient French.

Sheldon Yoder is a housing finance and market development specialist with Habitat for Humanity International, currently specializing in innovative strategies for making housing markets more inclusive of the poor and coordinating institutional technical assistance to market actors through the Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance. He has more than ten years experience as a humanitarian worker, researcher, and communications professional focused on economic development and social justice issues. Prior to joining Habitat, Mr. Yoder worked with the economic development unit of CARE USA, consulted on monitoring and evaluation for large, community development projects in Malawi with the Hunger Project, and served as a water and sanitation program manager and disaster response logistician for Samaritan’s Purse in Bolivia and Haiti. Mr. Yoder has a master’s degree in international development studies and a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He speaks proficient Spanish.