Award Ceremony: Habitat for Humanity in Latin America and the Caribbean Awarded for Financial Education Work

Date: Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013

Location: Baltimore, USA

Description: Staff affiliated with the Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance recently attended an award ceremony honoring the innovative financial education work done in Latin America and the Caribbean by Habitat for Humanity. The Global Learning Partners Institution gave the Jane Vella Dialogue Education Award to Habitat for its adult dialogue education in the areas of financial education, housing improvements, construction technical assistance and organizational learning. Since 2001, Habitat has used the dialogue education in its trainings and regional and local conferences. Habitat will continue using the dialogue education and will look for ways to expand it to partners assisting low income people.


Workshop: The Center’s Approach to Housing Microfinance Product Development

Date: Monday-Saturday, Oct. 21-26, 2013

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Description: This first-of-its-kind global training workshop brought together Habitat for Humanity’s Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance team members from around the world to strengthen and hone their capacity to provide housing microfinance technical assistance. The workshop featured a comprehensive and hands-on training in the approach and tools designed and adapted by the Center for housing microfinance product development. Participants included staff from all of Habitat’s area offices, multiple national organizations and international headquarters, as well as external consultants. 


Housing Microfinance Product Development Workshop

Date: Monday, Nov. 4, 2013

Location: Washington, D.C.

Description: Center staff hosted a housing microfinance workshop for microfinance practitioners from around the world at the SEEP Conference in Washington, D.C. This training taught microfinance practitioners, in a systematic way, to design housing microfinance products with non-financial housing support services customized to fit the cultural and institutional needs and capacities, while keeping in the center the client’s needs preferences and capacities. 

This workshop has been conducted at different conferences. It was rated as “excellent” by the participants at the Hanson Wade conference in 2011, among which were Omidyar Network, International Finance Corporation, Banco de Credito del Peru and Microdreams. It was also conducted during the SEEP conference last year with great success, having surpassed the limit of attendants.


Panel Discussion: Investment on the Frontier

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013

Location: Washington, D.C., hosted as part of the 2013 SEEP Conference

Description: The Habitat’s Center for Innovation in Shelter and finance was featured in this panel discussion exploring how investment capital can be used to spark, nurture and scale new sectors. Panel participants discussed initiatives in the affordable housing, higher education and agriculture sectors that have been used to attract and deploy investment capital for early-stage investment in innovation, and analyzed success measures, transferability, cost effectiveness and scale. Habitat for Humanity, Grameen Foundation and the InterAmerican Development Bank were featured.