Our services

Our services

We offer advisory services, research and knowledge development and peer learning opportunities.

Our advisory services

  • Product development
    Through this service we support partner institutions to design and/or refine housing microfinance products or develop housing-related funding mechanisms to allow households to build, repair, renovate and extend housing progressively (in stages). This may also include product evaluation and institutional readiness to take the products to scale. 
  • Housing support services modeling and design
    Through this service we support partner institutions to design demand-driven, non-constructive services or products to enable a household to reach adequate housing quality standards, or to make essential health, safety and/or livelihood-related housing improvements. 
  • Testing and introduction of housing construction technologies
    Through this service we partner with market actors to introduce and test affordable and environmentally sustainable housing-related technologies (I.e. safe, construction, incremental construction, energy efficiency technologies, water and sanitation technologies, etc.) under adequate funding conditions. 
  • Planning and implementation of pilot projects
    We field test the designed products and support the design of monitoring and evaluation systems to measure the performance of these products during the pilot phase. 
  • Institutional support
    • Financial modeling and projections
    • Internal process and systems adaptations
    • Marketing/promotion strategies to support the inclusion or expansion of housing products and or services. 
  • Incrementing institutional capacity
    Through this service, institutions obtain adequate funding for testing and taking to scale the designed products. 


Current projects