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Awareness and Action Urged During ONE Sabbath Worship in November

The ONE Campaign, a Habitat for Humanity International partner that seeks to make poverty history, is calling on all faith groups to learn more about extreme poverty and global disease and to celebrate the spirit of caring for others during worship services in November.

Organizers of ONE Sabbath say that caring for the most vulnerable is not a partisan or ideological concern, but it is an urgent one.

“ONE Sabbath will raise awareness among Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other faith communities of the global AIDS crisis and extreme poverty, and will explore ways these communities can respond within their traditions,” organizers say.

The three goals of the effort are awareness, action and advocacy, with the hope that faith communities will make global poverty and health a focus of the sermon and teaching.

Three toolkits will be available for churches that sign up online to participate in ONE Sabbath at

• A toolkit for religious leaders will include Scripture references and essays.

• The kit for youth groups will include action-oriented activities to engage young people.

• The toolkit for adult small groups will include discussion guides.

Margaret McDonnell, coalition coordinator of the ONE Campaign, said she believes that ONE Sabbath can strengthen local congregations as well as increase awareness for the ONE Campaign. “We are not asking for a specific political task, but people may be compelled to mobilize around a particular issue that may galvanize their congregation. We see this as a helpful umbrella. We do not want to limit or dictate what congregations do on this weekend. We want to see faith-based communities excited and engaged.”

ONE Sabbath will challenge worshipers to ask: What does God require of us as a congregation and of me as a believer to respond to those in need?