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‘That’s What Happens When We Pray’

“Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive.” Members of Swain/Qualla HFH in Bryson City, N. C. are a witness that these words from Matthew 21:22 are true.

Swain/Qualla HFH was well on its way toward completing its first house when organizers encountered a serious problem. Glenmary Home Missioners, a Catholic organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio, had donated land that required extensive site work. The nearby town had agreed to provide water to homes in the area.

When the affiliate met with town officials to finalize plans for actually providing the water, however, there was no deal. The town could not make good on its offer. The affiliate would have to come up with $11,000 for water lines.

The board of directors was left with a quandary. They could not move forward without laying waterlines or digging a well—but neither of those expenses was in the budget. The board agreed that they should pray.

Several days later, the board chairman received an unexpected fax from Glenmary Home Missioners. The director of finance indicated that an anonymous donor wished to donate $5,000 for the drilling of a well in Appalachia. The message asked if the affiliate would have need for such a donation. The handwritten response included this explanation:

We are happy to have someone get water as we are from an age when water was so important. We both came from large families, and my husband’s parents only got water and an inside bathroom in 1947. We sold some property and wanted to give something back. This is between God and us. Please do not use our names. Enclosed is a check for $5,000. We wish it could be more but this is what we promised God if the property sold. We hope it brings water to those who need it. May God bless you.

As it turned out, the well was completed for just under $5,000. It provides a flow of 20 gallons per minute and serves three homes with perfectly clear mountain water.

That’s what happens when we pray!