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Affiliates can help Haiti rebuild

Affiliates have organized innovative ways to help Haiti locally and globally.

Below are some examples of what affiliates have done in their communities. What will you do?

Involve your local ReStore
Your ReStore can spread the word about Habitat’s great work in Haiti by designating funds to Habitat Haiti; taking a special collection; and displaying information around the store.

  • Darlington County raised nearly $14,000 for Haiti in one month through ReStore profits and donations.
  • The Northern Fox Valley ReStore donated 10 percent of one month’s sales directly to the relief effort in Haiti.
  • They also displayed informational posters around the store to let customers know how to text a donation to Haiti.

Get the whole community involved
Habitat Lowell raised $10,000 for programs in Haiti — more than double their typical tithe — by engaging the whole community.

  • They raised $7,000 through a special request to the community.
  • Middle school children collected change and raised an additional $750.
  • Lowell’s annual Hike for Humanity was dedicated to Haiti.

Host a meal for Haiti
There are many inexpensive and easy-to-plan options, like a potluck lunch or dinner focused on supporting Habitat Haiti.

  • Habitat Vail Valley hosted a dinner and wine tasting to raise funds for Haiti.
  • It was a huge success in spreading the word about Haiti and having the community gather for a fun and low-cost event.

Pledge long-term support
Your affiliate can commit to long-term support for Habitat Haiti.

  • Habitat Honduras has already pledged three years of tithe support for Haiti.