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ArcelorMittal’s Foundation Support for Families in Need Spans the Globe


The “Casa Buna” Team.


“Casa Buna” prototype build in ArcelorMittal’s facility in Romania.


One of the 54 homes in Romania funded by ArcelorMittal Foundation, after the flood.


Argentinean family blessed by one of the 10 homes funded by ArcelorMittal Foundation.


Seven of the 25 new homes in Costa Rica funded by ArcelorMittal Foundation.


One of the new transitional shelters in Haiti with a corrugated steel roof provided by ArcelorMittal.

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel producer and manufacturing agent and officially ranks as the world’s sole “global” steel maker with a presence in over 60 countries. They have been a Habitat corporate partner since 2008. The two main reasons they agreed to partner with Habitat are: 1) the overlap with Habitat’s global outreach and their commercial interests globally and 2) the attraction of using steel to improve the design of low cost housing for low income families.

Over the last three years, ArcelorMittal and HFHI have helped over 700 families. In 2010 they ArcelorMittal employees participated in the first volunteer build and are planning more in 2011. In addition to that, in 2010 ArcelorMittal generously supported our reconstruction work in Haiti: to date the steel donated by ArcelorMittal has been used in 319 t-shelters and there are plans to do 1,900 more.

Below is a brief list of our achievements to date with ArcelorMittal in the countries where the activity took place as well as further information regarding management, ownership, and overall financial health of the company.

Achievements to date: Years 1, 2 and 3.

Total of families served to date is 392 (plus 319 in Haiti)

• Steel innovation in low cost housing - Casa Buna – Good Home (Romania): In Year 1 we partnered with ArcelorMittal to design the first low cost steel framed home that would be able to house 4 families. A successful prototype was completed at the AM facilities in Romania that year. In Year 2 we tested the design of the prototype and constructed 3 units, named ‘Casa Buna’, housing 12 families. In Year 3, we are completing 2 more Casa Buna units, housing 8 families.

Mansard Design: after completion of the design and feasibility phase in Year 2, the ‘Mansard Design’ project was launched in year 3. The project consists of a mansard extension adding 8 new flats and a new roof for an entire building of 27 current families of flats utilizing steel as the primary structural element, thus helping 35 families in Comanesti, Romania.

• Romania: In total 76 family homes have been completely renovated following flood damage.

• Argentina: The Foundation supported building 10 homes in Year 1 and 70 homes in Year 2 with the support of the ArcelorMittal international and local volunteers. The ArcelorMittal company in Argentina also launched a fundraising campaign amongst employees to raise funds for Habitat. In Year 3, 12 families are being given access to vital home improvements along with technical assistance to provide construction and maintenance skills to the families.

• Costa Rica: The Foundation supported building 31 homes in Year 1. The dedication ceremony was attended by Oscar Arias, the Costa Rican President and Clara Zomer, the Costa Rican housing minister. In Year 2, 44 families were helped to improve their living conditions. Going forward Costa Rica has found a way to leverage government funds to exponentially increase the number of families that we can help. In Year 3, the Foundation is supporting 22 entrepreneurial women headed households to carry out income generating interventions to their homes through a partnership with a microfinance institution.

• South Africa:. Joining the partnership in Year 2, 8 new homes for families in need were built in Orange Farm, South Africa, culminating in dedications on ArcelorMittal’s volunteer day December 5th, 2009. In Year 3, 9 new families are gaining access to a safe, decent and affordable home.

• Mexico: Joining the partnership in Year 3, 28 families are gaining access to a home in the communities surrounding the ArcelorMittal plants in Celaya and Cordoba.

• Ukraine: Joining the partnership in Year 3, 16 families are receiving support for renovations and rehabilitations in the area of Krivy Rih.

• Haiti: To date, 319 total transitional shelters have been completed. An estimated 1,900 more transitional shelters constructed throughout this year and next year will be built with the $650,000 worth of Corrugated Galvanized Iron Roof Sheeting and financial contribution donated by ArcelorMittal.

Habitat for Humanity is proud to partner with ArcelorMittal Foundation in these exciting projects and looks forward to serving more families around the world in need of safe, affordable and decent housing with its support.