Corporate Partners

Habitat for Humanity in Europe, Middle East and Africa works with many companies to eradicate poverty housing. Our corporate partners’ donations of funds or services help us to continue providing families with homes and the hope of a better life. We are grateful for their kind support.

For more information on partnering with Habitat for Humanity through product donations, financial support or by mobilizing your employees as volunteers, please visit our Corporate and Foundations involvement section.

We coordinate international partnerships and are proud to have corporate partners like:

Alabbar Enterprises
Alabbar Enterprises, a parent company for a variety of Retail, F&B and Ecommerce franchise operations across the Middle East and Asia; along with Habitat for Humanity, have launched a three year partnership that provides clean and safe water for thousands of disadvantaged families in Zambia. The partnership started in 2014 and focuses on construction of water kiosks and water pumps, distribution of containers for transporting the water to homes, and education on water management. It is often the obligation of females, mostly young girls, to walk long distances for water, leading to higher rates of absenteeism from school. This project will empower these young girls by giving them the opportunity to pursue an education in order to improve their living conditions.

ArcelorMittal Foundation
The world’s top steelmaker, ArcelorMittal, is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity in a global partnership to build and renovate hundreds of homes and to create a groundbreaking new model of durable, safe and affordable homes to support low-income families in Europe, North, Central and South America, Africa and Haiti.

Established in Lugano 140 years ago, BSI SA is one of the oldest banks in Switzerland and specialises in private wealth management. Since 2010, BSI has been a long term partner of Habitat for Humanity, actively involved in many Habitat builds and fund-raising projects in Asia. In 2013, BSI supported Habitat´s recovery efforts in the Philippines after the super-typhoon Haiyan by providing a financial donation towards the distribution of emergency shelter kits and emergency clean-up kits.


Citi Foundation
Habitat homeowners have improved access to credit for home repairs and renovations and benefit from training in sound financial management through an exciting partnership between the Citi Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. Citi is a global financial services company that is helping to ensure the long term financial stability of vulnerable families throughout Central Europe, Asia and Africa.


Credit Suisse
Credit Suisse and Habitat for Humanity joined together in an exciting global partnership in 2009. Credit Suisse has committed itself to the improvement of poverty housing through generous donations as well as through the enthusiastic volunteerism of its staff throughout the world.


Genworth Financial
Genworth Financial has been helping to rebuild homes and communities in Poland and Great Britain through its partnership with Habitat for Humanity. This global financial security company is having local impact by improving the lives of individual families and supporting efforts to address affordable housing needs by providing financial support and volunteers.


Granorte is a leading Portuguese sustainable flooring manufacturer. Through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity they supply homes built in Romania with flooring material.


Through its foundation, Hilti, a provider of technology to the global construction industry announced a new global, three-year, partnership with Habitat for Humanity in 2013. The partnership will focus on Habitat’s MicroBuild Fund to help approximately 18,600 low-income families, or an estimated 93,000 individuals, access affordable financing and housing support services needed to improve their homes. The Hilti Foundation’s support for Habitat began in July 2012 when the company announced plans for a donation of tools and funding to support Habitat for Humanity Japan’s Solar Home Recovery Project, enabling disaster-affected families to save on utility costs and generate income by selling excess electricity to the regional utility provider. In North America, Hilti employees have helped build safe, decent and affordable homes in partnership with 13 families in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and one in Joplin, Missouri, since 2006.


One of the major suppliers of high quality plastic pipe systems in the world, Pipelife, has been cooperating with Habitat for Humanity International since 2013. The partnership started to help low-income families in Bulgaria by providing high value solutions for the protection and flow of water and energy. By doing so, Pipelife is greatly improving the quality of life for people in need. Pipelife, owned by Wienerberger AG, is providing both piping system products and a financial contribution.

Swiss Capacity Building Facility
The Swiss Capacity Building Facility (SCBF) is a public-private development partnership promoting financial inclusion for low-income people in developing and emerging economies. SCBF cooperates with Habitat for Humanity in building capacities to expand the housing micro-finance sector in Asia (2013: Cambodia) and Latin America (2014: Honduras and El Salvador).

Swiss Re Foundation
Since 2012 the Swiss Re Foundation has partnered with Habitat to support families in Brazil’s Goitá Basin in their quest for a better and more stable life. Women who make living by peeling cassava in the flourmills face extreme poverty, gender inequality and precarious housing conditions. Habitat Brazil’s Rebuilding Women’s Lives Sustainably Project is changing that by integrating various social development programs in the area. In 2013 the cooperation extended to support the Water for Lives project also in Brazil. The project focuses on the provision of cisterns and roof upgrades enabling extremely poor people living in remote areas to safely collect and store rainwater at home rather than trekking long distances to fetch low-quality water. While youth-focused training strengthens their communities’ ability to help themselves by enabling them to maintain and expand the program as well as the communities as a whole.


Tondach Gleinstätten, with headquarter in Austria, is one of the leading producer of clay roof tiles in Europe. The company offers roof solutions in high-quality for new buildings and renovations. Since 2013 Tondach has partnered with Habitat for Humanity International supporting social project focused on providing both, financial and product donations to improve the living conditions of low income families. One project has included the construction of four self-contained and energy-efficient homes in Bulgaria. The living conditions of these poor families is guaranteed thanks to Tondach’s roof tiles and financial support.

Velux Foundations
Habitat for Humanity and the Velux Foundations have launched an exciting partnership in Bulgaria to improve the social protection and welfare of children and youth by assisting families to improve their living conditions. This five-year initiative, started in 2014, offers families in need opportunities to make gradual home improvements that will decrease health and development risks. As a result every year, around 1,500 children and young people will be able to stay with their families in a healthy home. Velux, the corporation funding these foundations, is a Danish company and a global leader in roof windows and skylights aiming to create better living environments with daylight and fresh air through the roof – for life, work and play


Whirlpool EMEA
Whirlpool EMEA has been helping Habitat for Humanity since 2004, whether donating a refrigerator or washing machine to the new house or providing funds to help build them. Whirlpool EMEA’s employees enthusiastically volunteer for Habitat home-construction projects to make life better for thousands of low-income families across the region.

With financial aid and in-kind donations of Porotherm bricks and associated materials from the world largest producer of clay blocks, Wienerberger, we are able to serve more than 150 families in Romania and Bulgaria. Also Wienerberger’s expertise, skills and professional input in the form of numerous volunteer hours is crucial in achieving the elimination of poverty housing worldwide and helping low income families help themselves to gain a decent place to live. Habitat and Wienerberger have also agreed to explore ways to develop some form of social entrepreneurial activity as a further way of tackling the housing issues of the poor.