Financial contribution



Your donation will enable Habitat to continue providing affordable and decent shelter to thousands of families across the world.

What you can support

  • Homebuilding and renovations
    Habitat builds and renovates simple, decent and affordable homes with the help of volunteer labor and donations of money and materials.
  • Sustainable housing and energy efficiency
    Better energy efficiency is an important step in preventing climate change but it also protects vulnerable families from energy poverty. Habitat contributes to building energy efficient homes by improving insulation, replacing roofs and repairing or installing heating systems.
  • Technical innovation
    Habitat has launched new prefabricated design models, piloted solar energy, biomass and wind projects, and used local resources such as cane reed, for insulation, and mulberry twigs, for earthquake-resistant construction.
  • Disaster Response
    We are a leading disaster response agency with experience in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami relief efforts and currently the efforts in Haiti, where we have committed to providing earthquake- and hurricane-resistant homes for 50,000 families. We are seeking partners who will not only offer support when disasters hit but also invest now in our Disaster Response Fund.
  • Water and sanitation
    Habitat provides clean drinking water to some of the most rural communities with our BioSand Water Filter design. We also provide sustainable sanitation through our bio-toilets.
  • Vulnerable groups
    We have specific projects designed for at-risk groups such as orphans and vulnerable children, single mothers, the disabled, the elderly and Roma communities.


Partners’ donations can be designated to a single project that may be strategically in line with their core activity; alternatively, they can be spread to encompass an array of different initiatives that can highlight the partner’s diverse geographic locations and interests. However a corporation or foundation chooses to become involved, Habitat always remains conscious of its partner’s invaluable global image and strategic investment.

Habitat’s experienced corporate and foundation partnerships team will provide detailed reporting on the activity that your donation has helped fund and each partnership will be given the attention of a partnership manager.

Other ways to support Habitat:

For more information or to start a partnership, please contact:

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Manager Corporate Engagement

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