Costs of Global Village trips

Volunteer trip costs vary depending on the length of the trip and its destination. Most countries have standard budgets for each volunteer team trip. A typical one week trip to Europe and Central Asia would cost between 900€ and 1,450€. Check our trip schedule!

Cost includes:

  • Meals and accommodation
  • In-country transport (to-from airport/site)
  • Medical insurance and emergency evacuation
  • Local cultural activities
  • Team coordination
  • Orientation materials
  • Donation to Habitat

Cost does not include:

  • Airfare to the host country
  • Applicable visa and/or exit fees
  • Rest and Recreation








Why is a donation to Habitat included in the cost?
We ask volunteers to raise funds towards the building costs of the houses in the country and towards the costs of hosting volunteer teams. There are two parts to a Global Village trip: to volunteer your time and to raise as much money as you can for Habitat for Humanity’s house-building projects.




How can I raise money for a volunteer trip?
Fundraising for a Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip is half of the fun! Habitat volunteers have let their creativity flow in their fundraising adventures, including events like: ‘bid on a date’ evening, arts and craft sales, car washes, entering a ‘bike-a-thon’ and much more. Check out our resources section or contact us at

What kind of construction work would I do?
Construction work varies depending on trip location, the local construction techniques and the stage the building program has reached at the time of your trip. You could be digging foundations, mixing concrete or mortar, laying blocks, raising timber frame walls, making window frames, plastering, painting, or landscaping.

Volunteering trips can be physically demanding. However, physical disability or a medical condition should not prevent you from taking part. If there is likely to be a problem, we will let you know and suggest an alternative. Read stories about our volunteers.

What about safety on the build site?
Your safety is of paramount importance for us and we always try to minimize risk. Should there be an accident, there will be access to qualified medical consultation and services regardless of your team’s location. Learn more about the insurance policy that covers Global Village team members.

“A Global Village trip offers you a unique
travel experience and an unforgettable
opportunity to be fully immersed in
the local community.”

A Global Village volunteer

How does the Global Village program work?
There are two types of Global Village short-term house-building teams: open-registration and closed-registration teams. Each Global Village team is led by a volunteer team leader who plays a pivotal role in making the trip a success and ensuring that the participants have a rewarding experience.

Open-registration teams
An open team is designed to attract individuals who apply to join a team via the Global Village web site, where available trips are posted. Open team leaders may not know any of the applicants personally before the trip.

Closed-registration teams
Closed teams are made up of participants who are associated with the same partnering organization—church, school, university, corporation, family, circle of friends, civic club, associations, Habitat affiliate or any other type of already-formed group. The team leader is a member of the partnering organization or group.