How to apply for a volunteer trip through Global Village






You can go on a volunteer trip through the Global Village program as an individual or as part of a bigger group. You can also organize your own team!

Create your own team!
It takes enthusiasm and motivation to put together a team but the rewards can be very high. There is great joy in seeing the enthusiasm of your team on the build site and watching as the group develops team work, a new vision for life, and a new understanding of the needs of people living in poverty.

Churches, schools, corporations, community organizations or individuals can set up their own Global Village teams. We will work with you to plan your trip. Part of our responsibility will be to:

  • Send you our Global Village Getting Started pack.
  • Give you fundraising and PR ideas.
  • Train your team leaders.
  • Help with trip logistics and paperwork.
  • Help prepare budgets.
  • Help with team orientation.

How can our group organize a Global Village team?
You will need one adult volunteer from the group willing to take the leadership responsibility. Ideally, she or he will already hold a place of leadership or authority in your community or organization and must be willing to commit to the leadership role.

It takes a minimum of 6 months to plan a trip and complete the fundraising; 9-12 months preparation time is recommended.

Where can we go?
There are many countries around the world accepting Global Village teams. If you would like to go to a particular part of the world, Habitat Global Village coordinators can suggest countries which will provide a good hosting experience.

In Europe, Middle East and Africa, Habitat for Humanity is welcoming volunteer teams in: Armenia, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Hungary, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lesotho, Macedonia, Malawi, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Tajikistan and Zambia. View map. To learn more about our destinations, please download a copy of a Blueprint for Volunteering of the country of your choice or the Passport for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

How many people make up a team?
Teams usually consist of 12-15 people. Minimum group size is 6 to 10, depending on the destination. Larger groups can also be accommodated.

What if I don’t have enough people to make a team?
You can join one of the Featured Builds or an open Global Village team organized through our U.S., Great Britain, or Canada sending programs. All three programs accept volunteers from any country. Applications are accepted year round. To join a trip that is already formed you can apply for a place in a trip featured in our schedule or contact your local Global Village coordinator.

What next?
Contact your local representative who can give you more information on planning your own trip. On our resources page you can find all kinds of useful information.