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In Armenia: Coming out of the shacks
The Armenian Housing Study is an attempt to analyze the context and environment that affects housing issues in Armenia and to identify vulnerable groups affected by the current housing policies. Read more


Breaking the poverty cycle through solar energy
People in poverty often spend a greater part of their family income on energy services than wealthy households. Read more


A new housing partnership for Armenia
n Armenia, Habitat for Humanity is expanding its work in the field of housing microfinance. Read more

Bosnia & Herzegovina


Habitat for Humanity moves into Bosnia and Herzegovina
Habitat for Humanity added Bosnia and Herzegovina to the list of its countries at the end of 2010 through partnering with a local microfinance organization. Read more



Bulgaria: Keeping families together
Bulgaria is one of the European Union countries with the highest number of children in institutions. Read more


Building, upgrading and educating
n these times of global economic turmoil, Habitat affiliates have been pulling together all available resources to continue the fight against poverty housing. Read more



Tackling poverty housing in France and beyond
Habitat for Humanity and France’s Habitat et Humanisme have joined forces to leverage their strengths to combat poverty housing. Read more

Great Britain


Habitat connects diverse agencies for an innovative housing project
In Great Britain, a new Habitat project pulls together multiple partners to tackle local housing problems and provide training. Read more



Europe and Central Asia pledges support to Haiti
“Today, we are all Haitians,” is a common sentiment felt throughout Europe and Central Asia following the news about the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Read more


Habitat for Humanity aims to help 50,000 earthquake-affected families in Haiti
Habitat for Humanity expects to help 50,000 families in Haiti who were affected by the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck near Port-au-Prince on Jan. 12. Read more



Housing should be an opportunity, not a hindrance
Evaluating priorities of the Hungarian presidency in the European Union from a housing perspective. Read more


Researching the housing need in Hungary
Poverty housing has many faces and affects people in various ways. This is especially true for a country like Hungary, coming from a painful transition process. Read more



First Volunteers Start Habitat Response Operation in Japan
The first Habitat for Humanity volunteers are repairing houses and clearing away debris in Ofunato, northern Iwate Prefecture, marking the start of the international charity’s response operation in Japan. Read more



Kyrgyzstan: Giving thanks to the partners
Large and small, Habitat tithes represent so much more than funding. Read more


How to build and be kind to the environment: Kyrgyz innovation
Kyrgyzstan is one of the poorest countries in Central Asia, with more than 50% of its population living below the poverty line. Read more


The jewel of Central Asia: Habitat for Humanity at work in Kyrgyzstan
Pictures from people in Kyrgyzstan. View photos


From Habitat houses to Habitat neighborhoods
In 2009 several Habitat affiliates in Europe and Central Asia supported a record number of families, among them Habitat for Humanity Kyrgyzstan that also marked its first decade of work. Read more



In Poland: Habitat for Humanity built eight apartment buildings for 69 families
Habitat for Humanity in Gliwice helps families that live in difficult conditions and have no money to buy their own houses. Read more



Build with Whirlpool
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Whirlpool Corporation, 100 employees from Whirlpool Europe, Africa and Middle East gather in Oradea, Romania, to build a house for a family with orphans on May 13-14, 2011. Read more


Build Homes with Habitat for Humanity this Easter
Habitat for Humanity held its first Easter House Build in Beius, Romania, in 2000. Through this event, at least one family benefits from a new home every Easter. Read more


“Casa Buna”: Innovative Housing for Low-income Families
Home is vital to every human being, people need protection from the cold and heat, as well as a simple place to come and rest after a hard working day. Read more



Building homes—and bridges—among ethnic groups in Slovakia
The town of Nalepkovo in southeast Slovakia is about fifty percent Roma and fifty percent Slovak. Read more



Mulberry trees to reinforce homes in Tajikistan
Every year, Tajikistan, located in the Pamir range in Central Asia, experiences more than 5,000 tremors and earthquakes. Read more


Habitat’s water project in Tajikistan wins a prominent environmental award
Habitat Tajikistan’s project “Water for life – bio-sand water filters” is recognized for the national 2010 Energy Globe Award in the water category. Read more


Tajikistan: Improving access to clean water
Thirteen-year-old daughter of Shahrigul Sanydinova, from the village of Kumsangir in the south of Tajikistan, suffered several stomach disorders last year just because the family used dirty water from the common well. Read more



Turkish Housing Study
In Turkey, around 11.9 million – around 17 percent of the population – are living below the absolute poverty line that covers both food and non-food expenditure. Read more


Europe and Central Asia projects


2011 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project
The volunteers joining former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, in Haiti are building far more than houses. Read more


Partner: ArcelorMittal Foundation
ArcelorMittal has been a Habitat corporate partner since 2008. Read more


Shelter Report 2012 — Build Hope: Housing Cities After a Disaster
“Housing cities after a disaster” highlights the urgent need for urban disaster planning and outlines how planning for permanence during rebuilding creates a more solid path to recovery. Read more


Impressive speaker line-up at second annual International Housing Summit
More than 40 housing experts will provide insight and practical advice to delegates at the International Housing Summit. Read more


2011 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project
Habitat’s 28th annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project will kick off a two-year effort to strengthen and support Habitat’s work in Haiti. Read more


Habitat fundraising drive for India
Cricket legends, Bollywood icons and business kick start the drive to decent build homes in India. Read more


East Meets West Fundraising Event in London
Cricket stars, corporate bigwigs and Bollywood glam to support Habitat for Humanity efforts to build and rehabilitate homes for the needy families in India. Read more


Decent housing is not just a wish, it is a human right
In order to create true, sweeping changes in providing decent housing, we must begin to talk about this human necessity as a basic human right. Read more


Housing microfinance to address the housing need in Europe and Central Asia
Microfinance has been praised for offering real possibilities to fight poverty in the developing world where a stable financial system is absent. Read more


First Housing Forum for Europe & Central Asia
At the beginning of April, the first Housing Forum for Europe & Central Asia took place in Budapest, Hungary. Read more


Have you registered for the first Housing Forum in Europe and Central Asia?
The countdown has begun for the first Housing Forum Europe and Central Asia. Read more


UNDP and Habitat sign Memorandum of Understanding
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Habitat for Humanity’s office for Europe and Central Asia entered into a partnership. Read more


What did Europe build on World Habitat Day?
Habitat national offices throughout Europe and Central Asia were busy raising real and virtual walls. Read more


A housing forum for Europe and Central Asia
The past few years have highlighted just how central housing is to both our economic and human development in the Europe and Central Asia region. Read more


Habitat is going green
Habitat for Humanity has arguably always been a “green builder”. Read more


Tithes to build homes and ties
The world’s housing need is immense and fighting it alone can be a tremendous challenge. Read more