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Our impact


Students extended a helping hand to Armenian family
Last year, the students from the American School of Dubai participated in a build in Vazashen alongside with a Bozinyan family to help bring them a decent housing at last.




Bulgaria: Keeping families together
Bulgaria is one of the European Union countries with the highest number of children in institutions.



Housing should be an opportunity, not a hindrance
Evaluating priorities of the Hungarian presidency in the European Union from a housing perspective.


Researching the housing need in Hungary
Poverty housing has many faces and affects people in various ways. This is especially true for a country like Hungary, coming from a painful transition process.



Kyrgyzstan: Giving thanks to the partners
Large and small, Habitat tithes represent so much more than funding.


How to build and be kind to the environment: Kyrgyz innovation
Kyrgyzstan is one of the poorest countries in Central Asia, with more than 50% of its population living below the poverty line.


Students’ challenge to raise funds
To celebrate a ten year of partnership between Habitat for Humanity and Wesley College in Dublin, students decided to accept a challenge to raise funds and join pan-European YouthBUILD 2013.

Students participated in build for three families in Romania
Students from American Overseas School of Rome partnered up with Habitat for Humanity Craiova to help three families in need of a decent housing in southwestern Romania.


South Africa


Service learning around the world
George Cowell, teacher at Hewens and Rosedale College in Middlesex, reflects on working alongside with his students to build a home for a family in need in Durban.




Special builds: Women in action in Tajikistan
This makes me proud to be a woman,” said Susan Njoroge at the good-bye dinner when recapping the Women Build experience in Tajikistan.


Tajikistan: Improving access to clean water
Thirteen-year-old daughter of Shahrigul Sanydinova, from the village of Kumsangir in the south of Tajikistan, suffered several stomach disorders last year just because the family used dirty water from the common well.



Other projects


Fun-raising for fund-raising
Volunteering offers a unique challenge, allowing people the privilege of working with those in need.


Decent housing is not just a wish, it is a human right
In order to create true, sweeping changes in providing decent housing, we must begin to talk about this human necessity as a basic human right.